Cheerdance meets cuteness in #UAAPCDC2015

Barry Viloria on Oct 04, 2015 06:28 PM
Cheerdance meets cuteness in #UAAPCDC2015
The recently-concluded #UAAPCDC2015 definitely brought fans from all ages. (Photos by Vyn Radovan)

Students, alumni, and other fans weren't just the only ones who flocked to the Mall of Asia Arena (an overwhelming 25,388 in attendance!) to cheer their hearts out for their beloved universities. You know, complete with school colors-themed shirts, hats, props, and other paraphernalia. With them were their younger counterparts, also in full gear. And fuller cheeks.

We profile some these really young "fans" here...

The fan who is probably studying in DLSZ or LSGH, and soon La Salle Taft. Here's a secret: His dad is green-blooded as well!

The fan who put a new layer to the Growling Tigers' meaning of "fierce."

The fan who thought he was watching a basketball game instead. "Here's an OBF rebound!"

These fans who didn't seem heartbroken about their team's 'surprise' third place finish.

The fan who was half-Tamaraw, half-Power Ranger.

The fan who was just way too cool for this.

The fan who just located his spirit animal.

The fan who couldn't wait to go home. "Too many noisy people? And the drums, too, Mommy." :(

The fans who were too confused on which teams to cheer for. (Also, they had a music fest to attend after the competition. Busy bees.)


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