Whereto next for Arnold van Opstal?

Barry Viloria on Oct 14, 2015 01:54 AM
Whereto next for Arnold van Opstal?
The former Green Archerís wanderlust is on fire, and itís bringing him to places he never imagined he'd be going (Photos by Vyn Radovan and Arnold van Opstal)

Former Green Archers big guy Arnold van Opstal is still reeling from his weeks-long vacation, a week after his arrival. He just made the rounds across various places in the States and Europe. From New York to San Francisco, Prague to Munich, Berlin to London, AVO made sure he got his much-needed R&R—despite suffering an Achilles injury earlier that put his UAAP career (it was supposed to be his last playing year this 78th season) to a sudden stop.

He was alone.

“I just love traveling, and I find it really easy to meet people anyway. When I’m at these places, I make an effort to meet people and make new friends,” he explains his solo escapade.

On AVO’s nose is a pierce that he had in Munich “just because I felt like it.” It’s all part of his soul-searching as he is on LOA until December this year. He still has two terms to finish his International Studies degree.

It’s been a great escape for AVO, who admits that once bitten by the travel bug, there’s no stopping him. The most he’s learned from all of it? The socializing.

“I loved every city,” he shares. “New York is obviously special, but I was in Munich for Oktoberfest, so that was quite an experience when it comes to the energy. In the place were people of all ages—from 16, 4, 5 to 50 years old.”

For his trips, he chose to keep it cheap and more adventurous while at it. He chose hostels over five-star accommodations, as “you want to meet new people. You’re sort of forced to say hi to one another and find out where you and the other are form. You discuss about your lives.”

In fact, AVO has come to meet some bunch from different countries and swore to travel with them some time in the future. In his recent arrival, he’s already gotten another series of trips planned. On his itinerary: Scandinavia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and, “most likely,” Poland, Barcelona, and Istanbul.

Traveling has indeed given AVO a new perspective—and, who knows, maybe a career in doing a travel program? Yes, he’s got his hopes up for this new career path—while holding on to his modeling and other media commitments.

“I’ll be hosting a travel show. Stay tuned for that! That’ll be cool if that happened!” he teases.

True, traveling has sort of become AVO’s release as he anticipates his full recovery. Still, he’s focused on his rehab sessions this year to get stronger again. And next year, he’s even going to the States to train.

Traveling and showbiz aside, though, basketball still remains this hotshot’s top priority.

“Basketball is always the one. It’s still early, but I’m getting ready for the PBA. I have a lot of time to recover and fulfill that dream.”


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