Get to know: Adamson courtside reporter Stef Monce

Barry Viloria on Oct 28, 2015 12:55 AM
Get to know: Adamson courtside reporter Stef Monce
Did you know that this happy-go-lucky Falcon used to play chess and volleyball?

A quick browse over the Instagram of Adamson University courtside reporter Stef Monce easily gives you the impression, “Wow, this girl is a whole lotta fun!” She seems the wanderer you’d inevitably spot in every hot concert and party in town. While in real life she’s one cool and easygoing person, this wasn’t the case back then for UAAP courtside’s resident cowgirl.

“I was into chess in elementary and high school at Divine Light Academy,” she divulges with a laugh. “Although, I wasn’t part of the varsity. I was really a complete nerd back then!”

While at it, Stef, or Stephanie Jean, also played volleyball as her pastime. She’d encounter sports again halfway through college, when she got into her new post as courtside reporter for her alma mater Adamson. It’s an experience that fazed her at first, she says—reporting live for her school at the games, being the first resident Adamsonian for the longest time to be on the job, and taking over from former MYX VJ Gianna Llanes.


Staying proud & happy, but always grounded. Thank You, Lord!!! Now onto the next round! ☺️💙🙏🏻🐦

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Stef remembers her dreaming of the job from two years ago, when she watched a UAAP game for the first time at the Araneta Coliseum. It was for a PE requirement.

“It was a game between Adamson and UST,” she says. “In that moment I stepped in, I instantly felt the rush! The crowd was really wild. That moment, I knew I want to be part of this family.”

Once Stef, now 18, had her braces removed, she mustered some more confidence and went straight to the auditions. For her first time, she passed.


Cousin bonding feeevah

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How does Stef prepare for her reports? Like any budding broadcaster would: After going through the workshops, she watched the games, read through news articles, and studied the sport in depth.

“I had an ex boyfriend who is a basketball player,” she reveals, then more laughter.

Contrary to her relaxed nature, Stef—who’s part of Magic 89.9’s Street Team, a blogger, and a part-time model—turns a little serious when talking about her being a courtside reporter. It’s a little farfetched from her actual course BS Customs Administrations, which is about tariffs, true, but she really wants this.

“I want to become a broker, but my real dream is to be a journalist,” she says. “The best part in this job is experiencing new stuff. I am that kind of person who is a go-getter! I always want to do something that involves me getting out of comfort zone.”



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Aspiring for a place in the media, Stef considers writing as her forte and would like to want to push for it as a career path. Whereto? In the field of TV and magazines, probably.

“I want to test my versatility. If someone gives a topic about sports and I have to write about it, I would be able to do it. I really want to work in the lifestyle beat,” she says, excitedly.

It's going to be a long way. But, with her beauty and confidence, surely Stef will soar high!

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