A Pinoy barber in LA takes care of Steph Curry's hair

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A Pinoy barber in LA takes care of Steph Curry's hair
MVB: Most Valuable Barber

It all started because he wanted a pair of Nike Air Pippens.

JayR Mallari, a Fil-American in Los Angeles, California, started cutting hair back when he was in sixth grade, as a way to – in his words – “hustle” and make some money to get a pair of shoes that he’d wear throughout the whole schoolyear.

After four months of charging his buddies five dollars per haircut, JayR finally got himself the shoes he wanted, and unknowingly unlocked the door to a career.

As the years went by though, JayR needed to learn how to do hair the right way, the way his growing list of clients wanted, and that brought him to a barbershop in Fairfax named “Legends”

“I was this Filipino kid trying to work in this black barbershop.”


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Now, JayR is the hair-maestro to some of the NBA’s biggest stars like Clippers forward DeAndre Jordan, Clippers coach Doc Rivers, and most notably the reigning MVP, Warriors guard Stephen Curry.

According to JayR, he met Steph through Chris Paul, something he describes as "a dream come true." Now, JayR and Steph are "hella cool."


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For JayR though, it isn’t just about cutting hair, it’s about building relationships, much like the ones he's built with DJ and Steph. 

“Everytime someone sits in my chair, I have about 30 minutes to gain someone’s trust…that’s where barbering actually starts for me, is actually caring about someone, so eventually you build that relationship with somebody.”

Learn more about JayR’s journey in the video below! 


H/T: Hypebeast.com

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