‘Intimidating’ Pinay athletes we’d like to date… somehow

Barry Viloria on Nov 03, 2015 06:28 PM
‘Intimidating’ Pinay athletes we’d like to date… somehow
Too torpe for these lady athletes? So are we. (Photo by Paul del Rosario for Chalk Magazine)

Every sports spectator has his own Ronda Rousey—you know, that girl so fierce and fine you’d crush on indefinitely, but too torpe to get near to even by the slimmest chance. The reason behind this limited attraction? Precisely because they’re more of the fierce than the fine. They hit, smash, kick, throw, and grapple too hard you’d inevitably fear for your life. Behind their strong personality during the games, though, we’d like to think they’re just your nice, perky girls you can easily chat with and take a fan photo of.

Get to know some of these femme fatales in local sports, whom you’d probably ask out for dinner but be tempted to wear protective gear on while at it.

Amy Ahomiro
Her big-boned-ness and her on-court performance (note: UAAP Season 77 Finals MVP) may be enough to take you aback. To boot, she’s one straightforward girl in face-to-face chats lacking that usually malambing way of speaking among Filipinos. Past her New Zealand upbringing, Amy is one fun cowgirl who you can also joke with around. Try bringing up That Thing Called Tadhana, her favorite movie and she’d instantly gush. “I watch a lot of Pinoy movies! I like the scary ones about aswangs and all that stuff!” she told us once.

Kali Huff
Along with her sister and teammate Marie, this 5’8” tall, California-hailing Lorde lookalike is one of the reasons why the UP Lady Booters have risen to be a force to be reckoned with in the women’s football event after the longest time. When she sheds her fearsome persona on the pitch, however, she’s that girl who gets really talkative. (It also helps that she sounds like Emma Stone—swear!) Off football, she holds a position in the university student council and is big on her political science classes. How about boys? “I’m looking forward to a serious love life very soon!” she loudly wished.

Afril Bernardino
Afril is presently the flavor of the month in UAAP women’s basketball. She was Rookie of the Year, Mythical 5, and is the reigning MVP in the said event. She also played for Perlas Pilipinas where she was an instant standout. Afril is really shy in person if you ask us. How to please her? Easy, if you have some bucks to spare. “Mahilig ako sa T-shirt,” she revealed.

Jaja Santiago
Her 6’ 5 ½” standing usually leads any guy wondering on who she might be dating. A basketball player who isn’t a forward, perhaps? While, yes, Jaja’s single, you might not know that the recent V-League champ is shy in real life. Blame her height, to which she felt “nalulula” and insecure about in the past. But she has since used it to her advantage a.k.a. her getting into volleyball. “Sinasabi din ng friends ko na yung height ko, nakakainggit kasi konti lang ang may ganitong height sa Philippines. Maganda rin na may height ka lalo na for modeling. Wala naman sa height din, actually. Sa pakikisama na rin yun sa tao,” she declared. So, yeah, guys, don’t feel too insecure if you’re only as tall as Paul Rudd. #antman

Christine Balaguer
FYI: Christine, model and deaf-mute beauty queen (she was hailed Miss Manila 2015 first runner-up), is also an athlete. She rows like a man, if her recent entry to the 1st Asian Dragon Boat Club Crew Cup isn’t enough. Christine, who also boxes, runs, and swims, shares it’s her “iron discipline” that has kept her through. “I try to win and not just to join a competition. Winning is the best part of it. Not only against competitors but also against oneself,” she said. We could only nod in fear now.


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