Guess who: Letran Knights edition

Barry Viloria on Nov 06, 2015 02:52 AM
Guess who: Letran Knights edition
The stuff of heroes? Here are some funny things about the Letran Knights you don't know yet! (Photo by Barry Viloria)

It must be their being overjoyed that when you see them together and you get them talking about their closeness, the recently hailed NCAA champs Letran Knights easily transform from bashful dudes to a bunch of kolokoys. Complete with inside jokes and the loud laughs.

“Sobrang close namin,” claims Felix Apreku Jr., who then narrates that their bond extends beyond their 12 noon-4 pm training everyday. “Para kaming magkakapatid na.”

Why, most of the Knights sleep under one roof at the college dorms, and bond even when they’re not flipping through textbooks or dribbling balls. They keep it rough and rigorous when under Coach Aldin Ayo at training, true, but you should know this: They also know when to have fun.

Like, really.

“Puro kulitan kasi kami, eh. Trip-trip lang. kung ano mapag-tripan ganon,” stresses Christian Balagasay. “Tuwing gabi, order kami lagi ng pizza.”

McJour Luib adds, “Minsan ‘pag gabi magkakayayaan after class. Kunwari, malayo pa yung game, minsan two bottles pero iilan lang kami kasi yung iba ayaw!”

Curious how each Knight is familiar with the other? We asked them some things the fans don’t know about them yet... well, until now. The exchange of revelations goes really rowdy—guess which Letran Knight is which!

Warning: Get ready for some TMI...

That Knight who doesn’t feel the need to shower before their 5 am trainings. Luib reveals about the mystery guy, “Consistent yun kasi tinatamad talaga sya! Naka-jersey na yun, dire-diretso na, may muta-muta pa. Kami paligo palang, siya nakabihis na at papunta na sa practice!” He counters, “Pero naliligo naman sya ng gabi.”

That Knight who needs some, ehem, alcholol to get to sleep before game day. “Pampatulog nya yun,” says Bong Quinto of this nervous wreck. “Mga isang litro iinumin nya kasama ang ibang guys. Ubos in 20 to 30 minutes.”

Clue: He's also the most charming and easygoing of them all.

That Knight who is “like a pastor.” Says Jerrick Balanza of Mr. goody two-shoes, “Kasi nakakatakot siya sabihan ng kasalanan, alam mong sesermonan ka, eh. Pero wala kang magagawa, lahat ng sasabihin niya tama talaga, eh.” Luib adds, “Late na uuwi yan, makapagsimba lang!” Preach!

That Knight who, yikes, always forgets to flush the toilet after use. Kevin Buenaflor jokes, “Lagi yun, the Bomb!”

Then, there’s that Knight who, even just halfway through dinner, has to take a bowel. “Magbabawas lang para makakain pa ulit!” laughs Balagasay. #growingboyproblems

That Knight who gets so hungry in the middle of the night he is always caught devouring leftovers. “Malaking daga!” cheerily refers Apreku to this forever-starved player.

Clue: Might be related to the previous!

Lastly, that Knight who is messier than life. “Burara sa gamit. Parang ahas! Maghahagis lang ng damit tapos diretso kama na,” says Jomar Sollano of this specific and very valuable teammate.

Clue: Again, "very valuable."

So, that's all there is to that--let us know your guesses in the comments! (Although, we aren't really sure if we'd be revealing who's whom just yet, cos, you know, incriminating much? We're loving our champs more because of this, though!)


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