Get to know: UE courtside reporter Paui Verzosa

Barry Viloria on Nov 10, 2015 10:12 PM
Get to know: UE courtside reporter Paui Verzosa
Toothpaste commercial-perfect smile? Check. Affable personality? Check. (Photos below courtesy of Paui Verzosa. Follow her on Instagram: @paulineverzosa)

You’d feel like stifling a little of your overexcitement and toning down on the barumbado jokes once with UE courtside reporter Paui Verzosa, who seems so organically prim and proper. Definitely crushable. IRL, you can easily spot her wearing her hair down, her outfit never flashy (“I always go for the classics, like black and white—I like to be elegant”), with only a toothpaste commercial-perfect smile to adorn her charming face and slim frame. You’d feel the need to do the mentioned consequences more once you get into a deeper conversation with her.

But, she says, “I can be a sociable person but I can also be laidback, like a chill nerd—just watching Suits, Game of Thrones, How to Get Away with Murder, and the classics, The OC and How I Met Your Mother.”

Perhaps it’s this ladylike simplicity and easygoing nature that gave Paui a shot at the courtside job, even if she wasn’t a resident student of the Recto school. She landed the job already armed with some of the things she’s learned from her course—she’s currently a Broadcast Communication junior at UP Diliman.

“I just wanted to actualize everything I learned in Mass Comm,” she says. “Originally, I wanted to do courtside for UP syempre. But when I found out about UE, I was also excited! Bagong school, bagong environment, challenge din at the same time.”

“The job really tested your resourcefulness and tentativeness on how to create reports and how fast and how well you can deliver. I do get nervous also lalo na pag it’s almost my turn na. I feel the adrenaline. But I just let it out. With every word, you let out your nervousness.”

Paui’s knowledge in sports maybe limited to what she’s done previously: swimming and dancing. But she has always been a fan of the league, which made her a more reliable personality over the sidelines.
“Every year naman, I’ve always been a fan since I was high school at St. Paul Pasig. My Dad was from La Salle, so we’d always catch the game especially Ateneo and La Salle. I really follow the players—I know more about the players from Ateneo-La Salle than the others!” she notes.

Paui, who follows in the footsteps of now big-time DJ-hosts Nikko Ramos and Tracy Abad, has found her new courtside stint as “challenging and nerve-racking.” On her first day visiting UE, she went with her mom—but the rest that followed her stint led to a different kind of bond with the red-blooded ballers.

“Everyone turned out to be very welcoming,” she says. “They didn’t talk to me at all at first, but then I found out they’re very kulit, super friendly. Parang barkada lang talaga, even the coach.”

Her closest on the squad?

“Chris Javier, the team captain. Sya na rin who’s helping me to get closer to the team.”

Off her interest in broadcasting, Paui is also into promotions, marketing, and PR. She is, in fact, the head of a promotions team within UP Junior Marketing Association, which is one of the biggest orgs in Diliman.

“I really want to try advertising talaga, like above-the-line advertising. I’m taking an advertising class now and it’s really interesting. Parang there are endless possibilities on how you can tweak advertising,” she says.

And if it doesn’t push through, Paui can always go back to being on cam.

“I’d like to report for news, like lifestyle news,” she succinctly ends.

Who wouldn't want to see that pretty face more on screen anyway?


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