He says, she says: #Kiefly edition

Barry Viloria on Nov 24, 2015 03:15 PM
He says, she says: #Kiefly edition
"It’s proven and tested—I make better cupcakes than Alyssa Valdez!" (Photos by Rxandy Capinpin for Chalk Magazine)

With Ateneo’s exit from the men’s basketball event this season, there’s one face we’ll definitely miss most—that of Kiefer Ravena. He’s technically one of the most gifted and savvy players the UAAP has seen, concluding five awe-striking years with another MVP badge. Another thing we’ll surely miss about the Kief? His being a media darling.

Speaking of, Kiefer just recently admitted on national television his admiration over fellow Ateneo star and today’s hottest sensation in the UAAP, Alyssa Valdez. A lot are hopeful that Alyssa—who’s also on her last playing year—will keep the Eagles torch ablaze come the second semester, as much as Kiefer did with all his might this first sem.

We recently bumped into the two media favorites who recently graced the cover of Chalk’s November Issue together. In a conversation full of honesty and heart laughter, they give a tell-all on the things they know about the other—or so they think! Kiefly fans, ready?

Who’s smarter between the two of you?
Alyssa: Kiefer! He’s street-smart!
Kiefer: Yeah, mas madiskarte ako. Pero siya, mas ma-books. Graduate na siya, eh. Ha ha!

Who’s funnier?
K: Me!
A: Hindi nya lang na-aappreciate ‘yung mga jokes ko! Ha ha!

Who’s cornier?
A: Siya! Sobrang korni nya—as in sobra! Ha ha!

Who’s more boring?
A: Me. I’m boring!
K: There are just few things that we would agree upon and this is one of them. She’s boring! Ha ha!

Who’s more creative?
A: Am I?
K: Yeah. Siguro more on time management ang (form of art) nya, mas nagagawa niya ng paraan ‘yung mga bagay-bagay kasi busy siya, eh. I mean, napagkakasya nya lahat! In a way, creative, ‘di ba?
A: Pero mas magaling siyang mag-doodle!
K: At bake! Mas magaling akong mag-bake talaga. It’s proven and tested—I make better cupcakes than Alyssa Valdez!
A: Yeah right. Because he got my Oreos!
K: That was when we baked for the first time!

Who’s the fashionista?
A: Siya! I’d rather be simple.
K. Me. I’m the fashionista.

Who’s sexier?
K: Her!

What is the other good at?
K: Siya. sa hula hoop! As in, sobrang galing nya sa hula hoop, that’s one!
A: Sya naman, mas thoughtful.

What will you miss most about playing for Ateneo?
K: Siguro, the fans, the community itself because, you know, ‘cause, you know, win or lose, they’re there for us.
A: The team!
K: Also, my teammates! I think that’s one thing I really miss when we leave the Ateneo community!


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