Relationship talk with DLSU’s Josh ‘Torralbae’

Barry Viloria on Nov 24, 2015 08:41 PM
Relationship talk with DLSU’s Josh ‘Torralbae’
"She has to have a relationship with God. That’s a good thing for me," says Josh Torralba on what he looks for in a girl (Photos by Ronan Capili and Vyn Radovan for Chalk Magazine)

On his first playing year with DLSU this season, guard Josh Torralba made his presence known during the team’s first round against fierce rivals Ateneo. He emerged both as a star and certified heartthrob. More people got curious. One thing fans have gone to know more about Josh: He’s an amboy—but, tell you what, he’s no playboy. This is what we conclude while in a casual conversation with him that somehow—from anecdotes on his entry in the UAAP coming from the NCAA (he played ball for EAC first, FYI)—takes a nosedive to, well, relationships.

“I’m done, I’m done,” he jokes as we start the topic.

Come on, we tell him, there’s a reason why fans go ahead and anomalously call you “Torralbae.”

“To be honest, I never had a girlfriend,” says the shy 21-year-old, his Southern accent hinting his being from McAllen, Texas, a small community where he grew up and learned and played basketball. He’d later find himself going back and forth from Texas to the Philippines, testing the waters for a possible collegiate career. There were more back-and-forth’s until he finally signed up with the green team.

It’s seemingly unbelievable for this standout with apparent good looks and modelesque height (he stands at 6’2”). In fact, he recently placed second at teen magazine Chalk’s recently concluded search for youth icons, dubbed “Bright Young Manila Campus Hotties.”

“Promise!” he continues. “Syempre, I almost had a girlfriend pero I only saw, like, two people. I’m really picky.”

Josh being “picky” already tells you much about his character. Among his teammates and maybe the entire league, he’s earned the rep of being the most… religious. Baptized Christian, Josh was very involved in activities at church abroad—especially having lived in a community of fellow family-oriented Filipinos. He remains active in church here in the Philippines, never failing to commute from his dorm in Taft to his sacred place in Tomas Morato every Sunday.

Although, Josh is never the overbearing mister goody-goody type.

“Jesus was always with drunkards, murderers, and molesters. If you smoke cigarette, if you drink beer, you’re not necessarily a bad guy, di ba?” he explains. (We are suddenly reminded of his idol Jeremy Lin, who said the powerful quote, "My identity is in Christ not in basketball.")

“I guess, just live free, you know, in Jesus’ terms and guidelines. But other than that, I’m just trying to be able to have fun, you’ll see me out in concerts especially. I love concerts! I also love watching dance competitions. Since I was a kid, I used to love Jabbawockeez.”


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Going back to girls, this good mix of faith and open-mindedness also fits right in as Josh’s standards.

“She has to have a relationship with God. That’s a good thing for me. If I have a girlfriend or if I’m in any relationship, I don’t want it to be just a temporary thing. Syempre sa kin, investment.”

Josh also aims for someone who knows how to have fun.

“I like a girl who’s probably a family-oriented and someone with a very nice personality, like easy to get along with. Because I don’t want that girl who’ll make you feel like she’s left out sometimes. I want her to be able to adjust on anything!”

“A sporty girl is a plus,” he adds. “I mean, you don’t need to be in a sport to be sporty but it would be okay if you like to work out and would like to stay fit.”

When it comes to the face, though, Josh pegs someone who smiles a lot and who easily exudes a positive vibe. That's because that's how he is, honestly—nice, likable, and always down for some wholesome fun.

So, for the girls out there, if you’re feeling intimidated by this big guy, don’t be. Josh is exactly like the basketball nerd you’d somehow fantasized over in movies.

“There was this one moment when my crush and I were just sitting in class after finishing our exams. I was just bumping to my iPod music, really nodding my head.  She’s sitting right next to me. I was bumping my head, and you would think I was listening to a rap song but it turns out it’s High School Musical. Yeah, You Are the Music in Me—I think I dropped my iPod and she saw the screen. She was like, ‘Really, Josh?’”

“But that was in high school. Now, I don’t care about what other people think! Shout out to everyone who loves High School Musical, do not be ashamed!”


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