Re-energized Thomasians turn Game 2 into one pun day

Barry Viloria on Nov 29, 2015 04:09 PM
Re-energized Thomasians turn Game 2 into one pun day
One fine day, definitely, it was for the Espaņa crowd with their witty banners and shirts! (Photo by Vyn Radovan)

A crucial game that it was, UAAP 78 Men’s Basketball Finals Game 2 definitely sent FEU and UST supporters into a frenzy while watching live at the Araneta Coliseum yesterday afternoon. What we witnessed aside from the usual exchange of cheers with the competing schools’ alumni-turned-TV personalities like Vice Ganda and Tina Marasigan present in the crowd: Unfurled banners of puns—technically silly puns that nevertheless tickled many and raised school spirit among the mob.

The Tams, which claimed Game 1, might have had the advantage at the start of yesterday’s match. They owned the first half at 30-21, inching their way towards a much-awaited championship that last set its foot in Morayta grounds in 2005. So, this seemed just right…

Was it? The Tigers didn’t think so. The crowd went crazy as Mythical Five awardee-cum-“co-MVP” Kevin Ferrer flared up with 24 of 26 points in the third quarter. More tongue-wagging from the reawakened hero. FEU once again overtook them at 54-50, until UST finally stopped the Tams at 52 points while they moved towards a much-needed triumph with 8 more points.

In the last few seconds in the last minute of that game, the España crowd was really feeling the possibility of one more deciding game The Game 3 #feelz were strong--so strong it got its hugot from today’s Pinoy pop culture trends: “Meron Ferrerever,” “#AbdulNation” and more courtesy of the Tigers' witty fans.



With Game 3 over the horizon, UST's school spirit was at its peak. We even spotted some fans wearing these shirts by independent student-managed brand Yellow Prints, derived from and modeled by their athletes, of course. Go ahead and LOL with us…

So, yes, Game 1 of the Witty Puns battle definitely goes to UST. Now, if only FEU supporters whip up some more wordplay of their own this Wednesday. The sillier, of course, the better.


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