9 types of UAAP and NCAA ballers we met in 2015

Barry Viloria on Dec 09, 2015 03:28 AM
9 types of UAAP and NCAA ballers we met in 2015
Who’s the silent worker, the heartthrob, the David, the Goliath? We’ve categorized the two biggest leagues’ best players this year according to their personalities—let us know if you agree with us! (Photo by Paul del Rosario for UAAP Magazine)

“There’s a certain appeal about a basketball player especially when he’s in his jersey and on the court”—we have at least five (girl)friends who have separately told us this through the years while covering the sports scene, reinforcing the fact that it isn’t that difficult to be a heartthrob. Kidding! If only we all had the height and skillz, of course. Both the UAAP and NCAA, the two biggest collegiate sports leagues in the country, do boast of instant stars hailing from the hard court. And the recent seasons certainly proved just that.

Here, we “commemorate” these so-called star players and sorted them according to their personality on and off the court. Let us know if you agree with us!

The Leader

Ahh, the ever-reliable team captain, eloquent in post-game interviews and poised as he kept his team oiled from game to game. His leadership is key as his team takes on one game to another. For him, winning is the number one motivator; his efforts towards this goal, selfless—even choosing to take the backseat to assist but nevertheless confident enough to take control at the most crucial minutes.



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Kevin Ferrer, UST Growling Tigers


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Baser Amer, San Beda Red Lions


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Gelo Alolino, NU Bulldogs


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Jett Manuel, UP Fighting Maroons

Chris Javier, UE Red Warriors

The Prodigy

He’s either a descendant of some famed name in basketball or a young hero coming off with titles and honors back in junior league. He’s raring to prove himself on the court, if only he got more playing time. He’ll have his time. You. Just. Wait.


Tb➡️present 💯 #tbt

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Aaron Black, Ateneo Blue Eagles


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Andrei Caracut, DLSU Green Archers


Father and Son @coachot

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Ice Reyes, San Beda Red Lions

Noah Webb, UP Fighting Maroons

Matt and Mike Nieto, Ateneo Blue Eagles

Jaydee Tungcab, Adamson Soaring Falcons

The Silent Worker

Becoming a star never seemed to slip his mind, as he’s usually shy and soft-spoken and is as focused as ever on the game. This guy of few or no words, though, offsets his sheepishness with an impressive sense of offense that inevitably transforms him into a star.

Ed Daquioag, UST Growling Tigers

Mac Belo, FEU Tamaraws

Mike Tolomia, FEU Tamaraws

Alfred Aroga, NU Bulldogs

Rey Nambatac, Letran Knights

Jordan dela Paz, JRU Heavy Bombers

The Small But Terrible

The point guard who uses his height disadvantage to his advantage. Sharp, quick, sneaky. ‘Nuff said.

Mark Cruz, Letran Knights

Francis Munsayac, EAC Generals

Paolo Pontejos, JRU Heavy Bombers

Marvin Lee, UST Growling Tigers

Thank you, UAAP Season 78! Learned a lot from you. On to the next one. #NowhereToGoButUP #UPFight

Posted by Diego Dario on Saturday, October 24, 2015

Diego Dario, UP Fighting Maroons

Fran Yu, UE Red Warriors

The Gentle Giant

The trusty center whose size and power you can see and feel from space. Most of the time, he also guises as The Silent Worker ready to claim rebounds and to tussle for a shot.

Prince Orizu, FEU Tamaraws

Karim Abdul, UST Growling Tigers

RR de Leon, UE Red Warriors

Ola Adeogun, San Beda Red Lions

Seraj Elmejrab, Lyceum University Pirates

The Resident Jock

He’s the expert in multitasking—showing ease as he juggles his schoolwork, his sports, and his social life. He’s every baller’s man-crush and ultimate #lifepeg—academic excellence attached to his name, maybe some endorsement on the side, and a WAG on his arms. Let’s hear it for the boy!

Von Pessumal, Ateneo Blue Eagles

JR Gallarza, UP Fighting Maroons

Fonso Saavedra, Benilde Blazers

The Ultimate Celebrity

Easily the most followed across all media including his face on billboards and appearances on some vexing YouTube ad, and whose every body part, it seems, is already sponsored. Yes, he’s soooo good and good-looking that brands actually tap him as an endorser or ambassador of sorts, and TV networks land him stints every now and then. A career in the pros has long been paved for this hero. The only hurdle on his way to superstardom? Controversies, and they’re usually about his romantic affairs.

Kiefer Ravena, Ateneo Blue Eagles

Jeron Teng, DLSU Green Archers

Thomas Torres, DLSU Green Archers

The Campus Hottie

“Bae,” “cutie,” “habulin”—these are just a few nicknames he’s been called. Of course, as charming and physically attractive that he is, being a heartthrob isn’t his problem. It has never been. Talented as well, he’s one who can easily shoot up to being The Celebrity—and that’s whether or not he’s in his jersey. He’s also a heavily followed dude online. So, if he ever thinks of quitting basketball, the window of show business and modeling will surely fling itself open to welcome him.

Paolo Javelona, NU Bulldogs

Zach Nicholls, AU Chiefs

Josh Torralba, DLSU Green Archers

Henry Asilum, UP Fighting Maroons

Louie Vigll, UST Growling Tigers


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Anton Tamayo, Perpetual Help Altas


Quick visit! #EverydayWithJuja #SmartFreeIG #SmartLife #SmartElite

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Jonathan Grey, Benilde Blazers


A photo posted by Spencer Pretta (@spencerpretta) on

Spencer Pretta, San Sebastian Stags

The Rising Star

A hybrid of The Celebrity, The Silent Worker, and The Leader, he’s the guy who’s fast making a name for himself with his level of play and sense of athleticism. He’s also got that matinee idol face and athlete attitude going on, which may or may not elevate him to legit star status. He’s part of the list of PBA shoo-ins—top pick in the draft, check!

Art dela Cruz, San Beda Red Lions

Kevin Racal, Letran Knights

Josan Nimes, Mapua Cardinals

Bradwyn Guinto, San Sebastian Stags


Additional photos and research by Vyn Radovan.

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