Jits of the Day: Armbar from knee-on-belly

ABS-CBN Sports on Dec 16, 2015 11:43 AM
Jits of the Day: Armbar from knee-on-belly
Demonstrated by purple belt Joey Lepiten and blue belt Lino Kapunan

by Project Lifestyle Manila


The knee-on-belly position could very well be one of the most dominant top positions in grappling. 

If done effectively, the person on top is pretty much in control of where the action goes, while the person on the bottom is left with no other choice but to defend himself from possible attacks.

In this particular sequence, the person on bottom decides to grab hold of the person on top position. Being aware of being possibly countered or taken down, person on top grabs hold of the exposed left arm and finishes with with an armbar.

Watch the short clip here:


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