Where to work out this holiday season

Barry Viloria on Dec 16, 2015 05:26 PM
Where to work out this holiday season
Don’t let all the food-binging ruin your form with all the coming yuletide feasts. Stay fit by enrolling at a gym that never closes—yep, even this Christmas and New Year! (Photos by Ian Castañares for Chalk Magazine)

It’s already happening—this holiday season, we are going to witness ourselves letting go. Whether we like it or not, and because we’re feast-loving Filipinos (bummer!), the next two weeks will be about food- and alcohol-binging. Or, you may have already started on it for all we know.

Now, with a surfacing gut and a looming overall unhealthy lifestyle, what to do with all those months working out? No excuse, but keep on it. That’s what new gym franchise Anytime Fitness is here for, says the owner of the Bonifacio Global City branch Jam Parungo.

This is the same case with the great holidays a-coming!

“We’re even open this Christmas and New Year—we’re always open,” declares Parungo. “Anytime Fitness offers options, kesa naman wala kang option to work out. Workout is always better than no workout.”

Founded in 2002, Anytime Fitness originates from Hastings, Minnesota. It now has around 2,700 locations in 19 countries, including the Philippines with 11 fitness centers. The gym, dubbed by Forbes as the fastest-growing gym franchise in 2014, caters to everyone who is looking for, well, convenience.

Convenience, in terms of first: time. Anytime Fitness, as its name suggests, is open 24/7. It fits right in with the lifestyle of city-dwellers, who are working more than one job or doing graveyard shifts from day to day. It’s also applicable this Christmas season if you can’t find a better schedule for your workout after all those shindigs. So to speak, it’s the 7/11 of gyms!

What Anytime Fitness prides itself in more, however, are state-of-the-art equipment and friendly staff. Esteemed fitness brands such as Precor and Life Fitness make up the cardio and weight machines here, respectively. The carpeted floor also goes unnoticed. Meanwhile, at the BGC branch, for example, the four personal trainers and 10 dance/yoga/combat arts class instructors make an “outgoing, personable bunch,” each of whom were especially advised to be caring of their clients.

Parungo adds: Compared to those enrolled in more popular fitness clubs or other bakal gyms, enrollees do not feel intimidated at Anytime Fitness as “70 percent are actually first time gym-users.”

“We’re just trying to break the stereotype of the gym. We have a very welcoming experience. You don’t have to have a certain body type or certain clothes, so we’re tapping the 95 perfect of the market that was neglected. We’re just in the background.”

Still, Anytime Fitness has drawn athletes such as footballers Aly Borromeo, Anton del Rosario, Phil Younghusband, and Joaco Cañas, and baller/NCAA panelist Mikee Reyes among its most loyal patrons.


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