Meet the ‘amazing artist’ who’s inspiring Kobe Paras lately

Barry Viloria on Jan 06, 2016 07:47 AM
Meet the ‘amazing artist’ who’s inspiring Kobe Paras lately
(Photos taken from Kobe Paras' and Gabrielle Current's Instagram accounts)

Despite being away from his family for now, California-based Kobe Paras seems to be having the time of his life. Signing up with the UCLA Bruins and an impending career in the US NCAA Division I are results of his pure talent and will to make it big. Sure, he has never felt lonelier whenever he gets homesick (In fact, he says, “I don't really have friends there”). But there’s another reason why he seemed to have adjusted to the independent life abroad.

“Her name is Gabrielle Current,” the 18-year-old basketball prodigy confesses about his source of inspiration, the girl she has called out as his “baby” online. “She’s a mix of Filipino, Korean, and Swedish—a pretty unique mix.”

This is after posting an Instagram photo of him and a certain young lady that he captioned, “Season greetings from the raddest couple out there." The photo sent fans and some sports spectators curious—and now we finally have a closer picture to that face.

A resident of Los Angeles, Current is a singer, actress, and model under LA Models. She’s also pretty much of an online sensation with her more than 33,000 Instagram followers. Paras met her at an event among a Filipino community in the US, where she was one of the performers who had sang there.


|| where it all started || 🌞🍃 ||

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“She’s such an amazing artist,” Paras describes his girlfriend. (It’s his first ever  admission of any relationship.)

Then, he goes on with a subtle endorsement of what she does, “You guys can check her original songs, as well as her covers on her Soundcloud.”

The two may be quite new, but Paras is already full of praise about Current’s sweet nature.

“She is one of the most understanding human beings I’ve ever met and the way she cares for me is amazing. She isn’t like those girls you see these days who are self-centered and ‘wild.’”

“She’s really caring and she knows her worth.”


|| my babies!! || 👸🏽🐶 ||

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It's really nice to hear about Paras getting some motivation as he takes on a huge year next school year! As long as he won’t get distracted, our support is all out for our boy and his new girl. Here’s a fist bump to you from us here, Kobe!

PS Here are Current's photos of them together, if you're extra curious.


my favorite face

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A photo posted by Gabrielle Current (@gabcurrent) on


Blurry is better

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