How to wear ‘athleisure’ right

Barry Viloria on Jan 21, 2016 01:16 AM
How to wear ‘athleisure’ right
Know the basics in pulling off sporty style. Your favorite athletes surely know some tricks of their own, too! (Photo by Vyn Radovan)

We previously discussed the emergence of sporty fashion a.k.a. athleisure as one of the hottest trends this year. As fans of sports and style, we are obviously loving it—but do we really know how to wear it?

Athleisure can be tricky as “it has a very broad market,” says Chalk fashion editor Kate Paras. She adds, “It really depends on the actual pieces. Sneakers don't look good on everyone, just as sweatpants can't be pulled off by a lot of men and women. My ultimate styling tip is always key: find what works for your specific body type.”

With Paras’ style suggestions, we came up with swag-boosting tips to help you edit your own sense of dressing. And, oh, we also made sure you get it right item per item.

For the jacket: “Start by injecting a bomber jacket/varsity jacket into your everyday shirt and jeans combo, as this type is the most versatile there is,” says Paras. Choose one that breathes comfortably. As for the material, “nothing too heavy or winter-y as we live in a tropical country. You can opt for thicker fabric and hood details come rainy season.”
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For the jogger pants: Tall guys (and those who don’t skip leg day) have the advantage over this new style staple, says Paras. But, those on the shorter side should worry not. “If you're short, make sure to opt for darker colors such as dark gray, navy, or black to lengthen your frame.” An additional tip for everyone else is to get a pair that doesn't crumple at the bottom to make it look more put-together.
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For the sweatshirt/hoodie: While such article of clothing allows you to go lazy and slouchy, it’s still best to have a sweatshirt or hoodie that isn’t too big. (Tip: Make sure it doesn’t billow too much in the forearms!) As for the print, minimalist over those with loud prints and logos will look classier-looking, says Paras.
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For the shoes: There doesn’t seem any problem in choosing sneakers and trainers out there as we have a variety. The only problem, says Paras, would be wearing the same thing as everybody else ie. cult favorites Stan Smiths or Superstars. “So, I suggest going for less popular styles - that way you stand out and get to appreciate sneaker culture better.” Brands like Lacoste, SuperGA, New Balance, and Gola may serve some options for you!
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