Four ripped actors who will easily convince you to try triathlon

Barry Viloria on Jan 27, 2016 03:24 PM
4 ripped actors who will convince you to try triathlon
Fitspos, anyone? (Photo taken from Ivan Carapiet's Instagram account @ivancarapiet)

One sport gaining ground recently involves more than one sport. We’re talking about triathlon here, a combination of endurance sports—running, cycling, and swimming—done in rapid succession where contenders race to the finish line. Why it’s hot is because it’s got many health benefits, including endurance and strength improvement and great focus on the upper body (shoulders, latissimus dorsi, chest) and lower body (quads, glutes, calf, hamstrings), says certified therapist and conditioning specialist Jesus F. Zulueta. “It’s definitely good for the heart as it requires endurance of the muscles and the heart,” he says.

The newfound popularity of triathlon has caught some Hollywood stars doing it for leisure (and, sometimes, for competitions such as the Nautica Malibu Triathlon or Ironman Triathlon). Among the famous celebrities who are into it: Matthew McConaughey, Mario Lopez, Sean Astin, and the bootylicious Jennifer Lopez. It has apparently snowballed on to the Philippine entertainment scene. Yes, the triathlon bug has long bitten the following local celebrities, who will show you that it’s not easy getting that six-pack!

Matteo Guidicelli

Picking it up from his dad Luca, Guidicelli replaced racing with triathlon as his number one hobby and fast transformed himself as the face of triathlon here in the country. He has competed in various races for around five years now, and says in interviews that it has always been “dedication” and the indescribable satisfaction once he reaches the finish line that drive him to be better at it. (He’s got the golden tan and actual scars as his battlescars!) Guidicelli’s most memorable race may as well be the Cobra Ironman 70.3 Triathlon Race in August last year—a race he didn’t quite have the luxury to prepare for, where he received a congratulatory hug from girlfriend, pop singer Sarah Geronimo, in the end!


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Gerald Anderson

Raised by a military dad that had him spend most of his teenage years back in the woods of Missouri, Anderson has always had the guts to go outdoors for a quick adrenaline rush. Triathlon didn’t come farfetched as a hobby at all, when he recently learned about it from Ivan Carapiet, a friend on the Nathaniel set. This was just more than a year ago when “I really wanted to be physically fit and mas healthy. The next two days after talking to Ivan, bumili na ‘ko ng bike,” he tells us. Off his busy schedule, Anderson trains in Subic (his birthplace). He joined his first triathlon in April last year, the 2015 ASTC the Asian Triathlon Cup.


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Victor Basa

Basa, a model that he was first known for, has always relied on sports (ice hockey) and other physical activities (marathons, weight training) to keep himself in shape. There was a time when he really bulked up—like some statue of a Greek god—because of his obsession with the gym. And then he got bored. He then took on triathlon, but didn’t take it that seriously at first. It was until fellow actors Carapiet and Guidicelli drove him to sign up for a race, the Safeguard 5i50 Triathlon in Bohol, which took him a rather short time (three months) to prepare for it. Basa dedicated the race to a friend who had just passed away then. “I couldn’t even swim, and I couldn’t sleep right before because I was afraid that I was going to drown,” he adds. His best race so far is the Ironman 70.3 Subic Race last year. “I feel leaner and stronger and I’m a lot healthier. It’s more of functional strength as opposed to just a body for display,” he sums up the satisfaction he gets from the multi-sport.


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Ivan Carapiet

Finally, the man often too mentioned by the previous actors-turned-triathletes. Go through Carapiet’s Instagram and try to see for yourself if he’s an actor or model at all—which he is, actually, having starred in the 2015 TV soap Nathaniel and who does modeling on the side. More than that, he’s actually a “bit crazy” triathlete, revealing to Inquirer’s Multisport that he wakes up to a series of routines he does on a daily basis: one-hour run, two hour-cycling, 45-minute gym session, then a run or a swim. Yep, all these happen in one day!


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