#Bestiegoals: Ateneo’s Therese and Ponggay Gaston

Barry Viloria on Jan 24, 2016 02:08 AM
#Bestiegoals: Ateneo’s Therese and Ponggay Gaston
Expect a riot with these two former UST standouts now playing for the blue team! (Photo taken from Therese Gaston's Instagram account: @theresegaston)

Getting in the middle of a conversation with sisters Therese and Pauline Gaston of the Ateneo de Manila University Lady Eagles is like being the referee in a jump ball. You feel the pulsating energy from the two opposite ends, with both being equally competitive and showing aquiline focus ready to smack each other once the ball is tossed in the air.

But we’re just being figurative here. In real life, the two blue-blooded daughters of PBA player-turned-Games and Amusement Board commissioner Fritz Gaston are best friends. Like, very much. The friction is left in their contrasting looks and personalities—Therese, the chinita and the older one in her sophomore taking up AB Humanities, is the more soft-spoken, prim-and-proper lady; and Pauline or Ponggay, the olive-skinned AB Interdisciplinary Studies freshman, whose youth you can feel with her loud voice and electric, almost-theatrical movements.

As kids, Therese and Pauline picked up their sporty prowess from their “encouraging” dad, and tried their hand in various sports including swimming, basketball, football, taekwondo, tennis, and badminton. Volleyball became their endgame: Therese joined the grade school varsity team at Saint Pedro Poveda College with a best friend who eventually left the sport; Pauline followed suit, and the two would be on the same team. This became the same case in high school, when they both played for UST and feathered their cap as they worked together in winning that Season 76 title in the juniors women’s volleyball event.

Some déjà vu it would lead to now that Pauline has recently followed her sister in Ateneo—with UST, UP, and DLSU as her other previous choices. The reason behind why Ateneo was pretty simple. Pauline wanted to “play with my sister,” and that “my parents didn’t think it would be good if sisters would be rivals like Jeron and Jeric (Teng).”

There seems no issue here for the older Gaston gal, who is more than welcoming to Pauline. Furthermore, despite any hint of sibling rivalry, the two netters are united in one goal—that is, to keep the crown to Katipunan.

In this fun chat, ABS-CBN Sports digs more into this new sister act and learns about how polarizing the two are in all possibly human levels!

People have noticed how opposing your personalities are. Are we correct to say that you, Therese, are the more reserved sister? And you, Pauline, are the louder one?
Therese: We are four siblings. We have an older brother and an older sister. Growing up, I’ve always been the more serious, quieter one. But sometimes naman sabaw din. But Pauline is always the loud one; she always has the joke, always funny. Makulit, super!
Pauline: People tell me mostly when they talk to me, ‘Oh, you remind me of your dad!’ So, I think I got it from my dad—my spirit, my being an athlete cause he’s really good with sports also. And then I’m walang hiya, I guess? Ha ha! When I meet profs and teachers who went through her, they say, ‘You’re related to her? I don’t see how!’ I mean, we don’t even look alike, we are not alike!


Hangloose! I'm so dark now hahahahaha 😁🌸 #hawaii

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How’s training so far?
Therese: Training is hard, it never gets easy. Pero training together, it’s like high school again. Kasi I was training alone on my first year and it was okay. I was always alone until she came the next year and put more excitement.
Pauline: In high school, she left me na so I had to take care of the team. It’s nice now that I’m under my sister’s protection again, I’m under her wings. Like, we support each other, we always cheer each other, and we never fight during training.


And we'll all float on okay

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Speaking of fights, how often or rare do you get into one?
Therese: We don’t always have small fights. We fight from time to time lang, but we solve it right away.
Pauline: We usually forget about those things, we laugh about it. Usually, we don’t fight. When we tell each other off, we know who is wrong anyway so we don’t argue.


20 minutes of waiting in the car

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Name three things you like about the other.
Therese: I like her music—her choice of music and taste. She always plays her music in the car. I don’t know where she gets them but they’re nice. Second, I like her good spirit, her upbeat personality. She’s positive and always cheers everyone. Last, I like her thoughtfulness, always thinking of what other people would feel other than herself.
Pauline: I like how she’s very hardworking in life. When she has a goal, she’ll put Post-it’s on the wall. She really works hard for it. For everything that comes in her life, she works hard for it. Second, I like that she always cares about people, she’s the one who buys the pasalubong, she’s like the mom that cares about you, she’s very caring. Last, I love all her physical attributes—I think she’s perfect. People always tell me she’s super pretty, I don’t see it but then I’ll just say it! I like her nose, I like her eyes, she has nice teeth, and she has a nice cheekbone when she smiles!


Sister love ❤💋 @pingpongponggay your next @denisegaston !!!!

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Name just one thing you hate about the other.
Therese: I hate how she moves so slow in the morning! I’m always in the car before her. We’re going to get late.
Pauline: That’s because I always make sure I don’t forget anything! Ha ha! Anyway, I don’t like how she’s really lazy, that’s it. I’m always her driver.



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Who are your life pegs?
Therese: Taylor Swift is my life peg! I just love her! Or, Kim Jones, she’s so pretty, di ba? She’s just going around the world. I think her job is hard as a blogger. I think blogging is hard.
Pauline: I don’t have a life peg. When I do things, I just do it. I don’t think about someone. I have a lot of people who inspire me lang.


When Ponggay has piattos 😂❤️ @pingpongponggay Happy sunday everyone!!

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