Why we (might) still dig an expensive gym membership

Barry Viloria on Jan 27, 2016 05:25 PM
Why we (might) still dig an expensive gym membership
Are you (still) willing to spend a lot for your gym? (Photos courtesy of Fitness First Platinum)

Fitness as a lifestyle is here to stay—evident in our need to work out whenever time and budget permit, with sports casual clothing becoming the new normal in dressing (special thanks to Kanye and the Biebs!), and personalized meals delivered to our doorstep by the touch of a finger. There’s also the fact that gyms and other studios teaching various classes have obviously seen a rise in the past years. And with how the law of supply and demand dictates the business, these fitness centers have gone on to offer discounts and other promos, thus engaging more to jump on the bandwagon. The popular gym franchise Gold’s Gym, for example, has gone with a special rate as low as P1,050. The innovative yet reasonably priced KFit and GuavaPass, which allow members access to different gyms and classes like the universal remote of gyms, are also picking up as of late.

Has fitness really become this affordable? You might feel slightly disillusioned entering the newly launched Fitness First Platinum Viridian, Greenhills, San Juan City. The expensive membership fee (P3,800 per month) is smelt just by looking at the size and design—it’s two, high-ceilinged stories of a 1,860 square meters floor area.

“Everything’s in here,” simply puts national fitness manager of Fitness First Philippines Eric Seeger about the gym, which is the fifth of its kind in the country.

He’s right. Every hollow is occupied with a different fitness area that caters to the specific needs of just about anyone, whether you’re into bodybuilding, toning, or losing weight.

“We at Fitness First go back to working out based on the way your body moves naturally. Our type of workouts are very functional,” emphasizes Seeger.

The first floor welcomes you with its set of sleek couches, complete with coffee machines and computers (yes, that’s plural). The luxuriousness extends up to the vast locker rooms upstairs, where the lockers are installed with its signature high-technology lock feature.

The second floor is where you will find them all—the weights and equipment area; the cardio area with treadmills that have interactive screens; the main studio, where you can also do your aerial yoga at; the boxing studio; the spinning room; and the TRX area. This branch especially prides itself for the RepHouse Freestyle Floor, exclusively designed for a 30-minute small group training called Freestyle Group Training; and the set of Water Rower equipment, first-rate machines that emulate the movement of rowing over water (it’s designed to burn up to 1,000 calories per hour as it works on 84% of your muscle mass!).

Beyond the facilities and design of Fitness First Platinum Viridian, however, is its team of 30 (very accommodating) certified trainers. Some of whom have been trained to know your “BioScore,” a Fitness First original index that measures your health, fitness, and lifestyle.

Hmm. We must admit that all these features have now got us thinking…


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