Fans, friends bid Josh Torralba 'Bon voyage!'

Barry Viloria on Feb 02, 2016 08:23 PM
Fans, friends bid Josh Torralba 'Bon voyage!'
"I'll be watching games and supporting ya'll back home. Animo La Salle!" (Photo taken from Jeanine Tsoi's Instagram: @jeaninebeatrice)

UAAP rising star Josh Torralba rocked social media last night after taking to Instagram his biggest revelation yet—he’s leaving the De La Salle University men’s basketball team and, in turn, Manila. And it seems that it's for good.

In an emotional post, the (now) former Archers guard talked about his “passion to play the game (that) has drastically drifted away from me.” He also said he recently had “a change of heart for my future endeavors”—hmm, we’re guessing he’s going to pursue something else that isn’t basketball-related?

While Torralba hasn’t revealed much about his plans (he told ABS-CBN Sports, though, that he’s flying to his hometown Texas Tuesday night!), many of his friends and fans couldn’t help but take their feelz over the player’s sudden departure online. His UAAP journey might have been cut short (he just had his debut in the league this Season 78, although he’s previously played for EAC in the NCAA), but Torral-bae obviously has touched many people’s hearts during the entire of his young career!


Thank you @joshuatorralba! I saw you play your heart out in all the games we had. La salle will miss you, bro!

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We will reunite in a better day brother 🔑👍🏻Safe Flight! 😀 @joshuatorralba @princerivero

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Will surely miss my Christian brother. Take care back in Texas and God bless bro!🙏

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Josh's decision was very hard for me and Zion to accept and for sure same goes for everyone who knows him. The times we've spent with each other is something that can't be replaced and something we'll forever remember. But we respect his decision to move on from basketball and to pursue what he really wants in life. Thank you @joshuatorralba for being a great best friend, for being a good team player, for being down to earth, for being someone that a lot of people look up to, and more importantly for being a Green archer. I hope you all see this as a symbol to go for what you really want to do and who you choose to be, don't let other people tell you which path to take, your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have. Friends come and go but brotherhood lasts forever, no matter how far each one of us is from each other. See you in a few years Josh.... Love ya brother

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Because everything is God's plan. Happy dinner!! ☺️💞🐷🐷🐷

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Pa(byebye) bro @joshuatorralba ! Good luck on your future career! 😊 see you soon!

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First and Last

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From us here at ABS-CBN Sports, good luck to you, Josh!


As years go by of my collegiate career something else made company with it as well and a change of heart. After my two years in La Salle, doing one year residency and playing in the Farther Martins Cup, FILOIL, PCCL, and UAAP, I have decided to finish my education in my previous university in Texas. To set the foundation flat with pure honesty, my passion to play the game has drastically drifted away from me and change of heart for my future endeavors. I believe that in whatever I do wherever I go, God will make me prosper with basketball or not. I am greatly blessed to be part of the De La Salle University basketball team and nothing of my decision is due to them, coaches, managers, school, staff, but solely on me. There are no words to describe how grateful I am to be part of the most prestigious University in the Philippines and powerhouse basketball program. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you to all those who supported me from the La Salle community throughout the Philippines and other countries, alumni, journalists, animo squad, fan clubs, my family, friends, coaches, and everyone who has given me their support since I arrived. To my teammates and to the previous and new coaching staff, thank you for the long ride last year, the friendship, and accepting my decision. To the managers and especially Boss Danding, thank you so much for the unbelievable guidance and help you gave me through it all. I believe the best is yet to come for you guys and I pray for the best this season and more. I'll be watching games and supporting ya'll back home. Animo La Salle! GOD BLESS!

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