UP Fighting Maroons try eyebrow waxing for the first time, and it’s hilarious!

Barry Viloria on Feb 13, 2016 08:30 PM
UP Fighting Maroons try eyebrow waxing, and it's hilarious!
The challenge got the Maroons feeling “prettier”—“like John Lloyd 2.0”

Proving themselves as a dark force this season, perennial UAAP men’s basketball event underdogs, the UP Fighting Maroons, definitely won the hearts of many UP fans. Youth lifestyle magazine Chalk recently attempted to get to know how much of a man they are—what else, but by recently inviting some members of the team to try eyebrow waxing.

“Hold up, just to fix it, right?” rookie Noah Webb couldn’t help but ask days before we persuaded them to take on the challenge. “Because I wouldn’t want to wax it all off.”

Fan-favorite point guards Diego Dario and Jarrell Lim also came keen for the dare. If only team captain Jett Manuel didn’t have his face treated by the dermatologist right before, he would go through Chalk’s challenge, too.

The day of reckoning finally came—on a Monday when Dario, Lim, and Webb had no classes. The initially fearless Maroons laid down there inside the waxing studio, tucking themselves under the sheet before getting dominated by the brow artist. For the first timers, the next few minutes prolonged like hours of inevitable pain. Check the following video to see how it went!

So, who was the scariest, Manuel—who got to witness his teammates go through the procedure—got asked.

“I’d say Jarrell!” he laughed.

What do you think about the Maroons’ new look?


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