Four Things you need to know about the new PureBoost X

Ceej Tantengco on Feb 18, 2016 11:00 AM
Four Things you need to know about the new PureBoost X
The PureBoost X is adidas' best women’s sneaker yet.

Thinking of getting your hands on adidas’ new running shoe? Here’s why the PureBoost X is their best women’s sneaker yet.

1) It’s adidas’ first shoe designed specifically for women.

All shoe companies have a basic mold that they simply make wider more men’s shoes or narrower for women’s shoes. For the PureBoost X, adidas created a whole new mold based on women’s feet.

2) The magic’s in the arch.

What sets the PureBoost X apart from the previous Boost sneakers is the floating arch. But it isn’t just a visual novelty. Adidas used motion-tracking technology to see where women exert the most stress as they run: the arch.

The elevated arch hugs the contours of the foot, providing continuous support as you move and shift your weight. When worn, there’s an added snugness that’s noticeable without feeling tight.

“I get injured easily because I’m flat-footed,” volleyball player and analyst Melissa Gohing told The Score during the Pure Boost X launch. “The added support will definitely help.”

3) Boost Technology

Adidas’ distinctive cushioning tech delivers the highest energy return in any running shoe currently on the market. When they launched their first PureBoost sneakers in 2014, runners that had a full sole of their “energy capsule” foam pellets, it was a game-changer.

“To paint a more vivid picture, imagine 3,000 tiny foam pellets glued together all acting in unison to form what amounts to pillowy shock absorbers for your feet,” says Complex.

What does this mean for your run? Less stress on your joints, more spring in your step. This is good news even if your main purpose for sneakers is having comfy footwear for daily use or travel. I’ve been wearing mine while working on all-day errands, and my feet haven’t hurt since.

4) It’s athleisure-ready

Real talk: Sneaker culture is at the point where form carries equal importance as function. The PureBoost X is sleek and streamlined, which means it fits right in whether you’re working out or grabbing ice cream on your cheat day.

Choose from three colorways—colorblocked pink and indigo or floral print or  dark blue—or hold out until the inevitable Stella McCartney x PureBoost X collab.

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