#BestieGoals: UPís Marie and Kali Navea-Huff

Barry Viloria on Feb 22, 2016 07:20 PM
#BestieGoals: UPís Marie and Kali Navea-Huff
Two peas in a pod? Not quite, these two football stars from Diliman are actually opposites! (Photo taken from Marie Huff's Instagram: @mariehuffy)

“If we aren't on the same team, it honestly feels weird. I would usually question why a coach wouldn't put us together,” begins Marie Navea-Huff, one-half of the star sister act currently firing up the UP Lady Booters. In the past season and the current one, the Maroons have been on a roll—putting themselves in the finals in Season 77 only after 10 years, and now starting off Season 78 on a high note courtesy of Marie’s younger sister Kali, who pulled a hat-trick to propel UP in their opening game against UST, 3-0.

Like two peas in a pod, Marie and Kali are what you’d expect of sisters. They’re close as they can get. The two former California natives have been breathing sports their whole life. But it was football—or “soccer”—that they’ve chosen to pursue, playing varsity in high school at Saint Pedro Poveda College and now for UP.

Growing up, Marie and Kali have always looked up to their dad as their coach and their mom as their “health expert.” The feeling of similarity ends once you get into a conversation with them, their polarized personalities showing in the way they speak and think. Marie is the more reserved perfectionist Ronda Rousey, while Kali is the outgoing diva Abby Wanbach—their words!

More proof of how different these UP star players are? Check out what they have to say in this funny interview—know the things they like and hate about each other, and in life, in general!


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What are your real “goals” in life? Say, after college?
Kali: I’m currently taking up Public Administration. I’m going to get my law degree, while still playing some soccer. Or, getting my masters in public policy a bit closer to my dad—who is a public health administrator. He's also an accountant and a consultant. I definitely want to still be helping people, so either I end up working for a non-profit org or become an education administrator so I can be the one making policies that make the students' lives easier!
Marie: I’m a Sports Science major. I plan to go into medical school and become a sports medicine doctor.

What do you love about the other?
Marie: I would have to say I love how Kali does her makeup, speaks her mind, and can pick out the best clothes!
Kali: One, the fact that she can rock a boy cut. Two, her ability to talk some sense into people that can’t even form a coherent thought. Three, her ability to find peace in even the most frustrating of situations!


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On the other hand, what do you hate about the other?
Kali: Oh, gosh! The fact that she thinks she’s always right!
Marie: Well, being the first-born you are automatically right. Ha ha!
Kali: I have given up on this argument! Ha ha!
Marie: I hate when she talks too much, seems like she will never end!

What’s the biggest fight you’ve gotten yourselves into?
Kali: Probably over something soccer-related. Ha ha! We are so competitive!
Marie: Yeah, I believe it was over who could kick better. We fight over petty things.


Captain America!

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Speaking of fights, have you ever fought over a boy?
Kali: Ha ha! Who would even be worth it? Believe me when I say, no boy with a decent-sized brain would try! Ha ha!
Marie: If anything, it would be over a sports idol and picking who would get to fantasize on marrying him. Ha ha!

Who are your biggest crushes?
Kali: Aaaah… that’s the hardest question yet! Ha ha!
Marie: I would say David Beckham! He's got the looks and the skills!


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