Meet DLSU Green Batters’ Carlos Muñoz: team captain and home run hunk

Barry Viloria on Mar 14, 2016 07:48 PM
Meet DLSU's Carlos Muñoz: team captain, home run hunk
He started playing baseball since four years old. Now, he has just claimed the biggest game of his life. (Photos taken from Muñoz' Instagram account: @carlosmunoz2)

Fan girls, don’t let his pretty face fool you—a face that, you know, betrays his half-Spanish, part-Filipino, part-Chinese, part-Swiss, part-Scottish roots. DLSU Green Batters’ team captain Carlos Muñoz is a fine-looking guy among a team of other athletic lookers, yes, (one who hasn’t been discovered by modeling agencies yet, oddly). Yet, he boasts of talent, too—as if those two facets of what he is don’t have to come together.

“I play good baseball, that’s it.”

Recently hailed as UAAP champion, Muñoz, 22, is rather succinct once asked about what else he thinks he’s good at. He says this so with a laugh, because what he’d consider as his other expertise is considerably farfetched from being a reliable pitcher/outfield on the varsity squad, say, knowing his comic books characters. (His favorite character is Deadpool, “I love DC and Marvel—I don’t prefer one over the other necessarily, because the action is great and the comedy is amazing!”)


The Force has awoken

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Being “good” at baseball is quite believable a claim, if you take a look at Muñoz’ résumé. He’s been playing baseball since four years old, following in the footsteps of his Lasallian dad who was also in the sport back in the day. The DLSZ alumnus played in the Palarong Pambansa since he was 11 up until he turned 18. He also represented the country internationally over time—ball-delivering at the Little League World Series, IBAF AAA, Asian Championships, and even the SEA Games. He considers his 2011 Sea Games experience as his most memorable to date yet—not only because the team had won a gold then, but also for it was the last time it included baseball in the tournament.

“I have a bunch of best pitcher awards, most outstanding player awards, and best hitter awards from a bunch of tournaments. But that one was different because I was, by far, the youngest on a team full of veterans—and I had to take on a new role as a supporting player,” he muses.

“It was really fun because I embraced the role and succeeded during all the spots I was needed.”


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Muñoz’ love for baseball leveled a notch higher once his UAAP Seniors journey commenced. One big reason is the excitement brought in by the Ateneo-La Salle rivalry, which, from men’s basketball and women’s volleyball, has apparently extended to baseball. DLSU had just surpassed Ateneo in two finals games—a shocking statement after having lost the finals trophy to Katipunan for two years now. It’s also their first title since 2003.

“I love playing against Ateneo because of the intensity. I enjoy it because it brings out the passion from both sides—like, those games are usually bigger than most!”

For the recent Finance graduate, now-Masters student, “Compared to high school, it's much more intense now then it was before.”

He footnotes this with the reinforced training program: before the season, practices on MWF and conditioning routines on TTh; and then “there are (select) days that we push to have close to whole day practices.”


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How has Muñoz been as a captain?

“Well, I personally like having the team very relaxed and keeping it fun. Like, they don’t even call me ‘captain.’”

“I told them to refer to me as Lord Commander instead!”

But, really, “During training and in the games especially, I like having everyone as loose as they can be and just for them to stick to the way they play their own game.”

With La Salle at the last stand in the UAAP baseball finals, it seems that they’ve really had a great time under Muñoz’ leadership. And it’s obviously one epic story to add into his already-beefed up baseball book.


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