5 easy-breezy hiking trails to trek to this Holy Week

Barry Viloria on Mar 17, 2016 08:57 PM
5 easy-breezy hiking trails to trek to this Holy Week
We came up with locations perfect for every ‘climbing virgin’ who’s down for some adventure in the coming days (Photo by Andreo Esguerra for Chalk Magazine)

A trip to Sagada during the Holy Week is certainly a must for every adventurer out there. Or, including those bandwagon-ers who had just learned about the rush that hiking brings and would now like some Instagrammable photo to post online. If you’re one of the latter, Sagada, said to have a difficulty of 3/10, may just be too mainstream for your taste. Looking for more? We consulted with Lionel Orticio, a senior financial analyst who trades numbers for out-of-town escapes in the weekend, on which locations may fit your (lack of) climbing experience better. These sites still sound  fun, though, if you trust his word!


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Mt. Gulugod Baboy

“It can be done in around two hours of relaxed climbing pace. You can also do a side trip to Sombrero Island after the hike for a quick dip.”

Mt. Batolusong

“A sea of clouds can be seen here. The massive grassland and windy climate are also what make this mountain enjoyable. There is also a waterfall, which you can visit before going down.” (Photo by Kyna Diomampo)


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Mt. Pinatubo

“See what a massive volcanic eruption did to a place after 25 years. You can reach the actual crater in just 1 hour after riding a 4x4. The hot lahar valley and the cold crater is the main attraction in the area.”


“Although not a mountain in itself, Batad houses one of the wonders of the Philippines: the amphitheater. Viewing the rice terraces and the trek to the waterfalls passing through the rice terraces is the main attraction for this trip.” (Photo by Kat Roco)


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Mt. Balagbag

“This is one of the nearest mountains you can climb being just an hour away from Metro Manila. But this mountain gives you a different experience. Here you will see the current situation of some mountains in the Philippines. And I hope this serves as an eye-opening climb to forest conservation.”


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