What’s in a UP Lady Maroon’s bag?

Barry Viloria on Mar 17, 2016 11:56 PM
What’s in a UP Lady Maroon’s bag?
These volleybelles from Diliman epitomize what it means being a student-athlete—you’ll understand it after digging into their belongings! (Photos by Vyn Radovan)

Currently third in the rankings, the UP Lady Maroons are fast making themselves a force to be reckoned with in the UAAP women’s volleyball event. And why not? You have yet to watch them live to witness how coordinated and systematic how Coach Jerry Yee’s kickass ladies are once they step on the hard court. We recently ambushed some of them straight from the dugout, where they revealed some of their personal treasures. Our conclusion: They are as focused on school as they are on their sport!

Nicole Tiamzon

iPad ko kahit tampered na yung glass. Nandyan lahat ng Powerpoint ko for acads. I prefer it over books since it’s more portable.”

Heart of an Athlete Playbook—bigay ng spiritual coach namin sa team. Binabasa ko sya as my devotional book right before a game.”

“My wallet contains all my ATMs, IDs, and cash. It’s extra special because it’s from my Mom.”

Kathy Bersola

“I always have chocolates in my bag—I have Milo Cubes! I don’t just drink it, I eat it!”

Knee bands, which I need for my legs every game.”

Isa Molde

“I always have chocolates in my bag. Obvious ban a may sweet tooth ako? Ha ha!”

“I need my index cards pag nag-aaral. Mas gusto ko sya kesa sa mahabang notes. Gusto ko din yung mga may highlights.”

“My Under Armour shoes—eto lang yung comfortable sakin! Bigay sya ng Tita ko!”


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