Who to follow: Indoor cyclist and jujitsu artist Ida Paras

Barry Viloria on Mar 18, 2016 11:53 PM
Who to follow: Indoor cyclist and jujitsu artist Ida Paras
Here’s another health and fitness enthusiast worthy of that 'like' button! (Photos taken from Paras' Instagram account: @idatparas)

In this age, it’s not uncommon to see women who are more ripped than, well, the man that you are. Sports and fitness have since been taken over by girls, too, who know how to kick ass—and we’re not just talking about female bodybuilders and Octagon fighters.

Meet Ida Paras, the lead instructor at the recently launched indoor cycling studio Ride Revolution. Skimming over her Instagram would reveal more of her tough self—a fulltime, no-nonsense, admiringly fashionable health and fitness figure. Paras, 29, isn’t just any rider—who’s admittedly intense in pushing her students at the pedal. She’s been practicing jujitsu for six years now (she trains at Origins BJJ in Rockwell, Makati!). She also makes money out of cooking healthy food. She herself maintains a controlled diet: Carbnite Solution, a program that allows her to consume ultra-low carb for the first five days of the week and then ease up for the rest.

“Everyday is like a groundhog day—you have each day to set your personal best,” she muses about her day-to-day.


We promise to be gewd girls. ✋🏾😜 😇 😈 #not #RideRevolution #riderevph #indoorcycling

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The way Paras is might be because of her fitspos: Brazilian jujitsu fighter Gezary Matuda and surfer-model Kelia Moniz.

“I always check them out and stalk them because they're cool—I mean, I’m not really look just for the looks and how hot they are. It's more in their athleticism, and the vibe that they are giving."


“I really like girls with character and, at the same time, strong.”

Well said for this follow-worthy indoor cycling instructor, mixed martial arts practitioner, and altogether fitness champion. Unable to attend Paras’ classes to witness her kill it? Just go on her #fitgram and read through her pictures that speak motivation and discipline!


Beach, please. 🙏🏾🌴🌞 #summer

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