#Relationshipgoals: Azkals' Misagh Bahadoran and Sam Pinto

Barry Viloria on Mar 23, 2016 08:55 PM
#Relationshipgoals: Azkals' Misagh Bahadoran and Sam Pinto
Philippine football pride meets the country’s sexiest. (Photo taken from Bahadoran's Instagram account: @misagh_9)

Misagh Bahadoran might be missing the Philippine Azkals' World Cup Qualifiers match tomorrow against Uzbekistan, following a suspension only to be lifted on the 29th. But lately hasn’t always been unfortunate for this key national football team player. Recently, he and girlfriend Sam Pinto went public about their relationship, a news item that has headlined sports websites and sent fans of both—who have first heard of it as no more than a rumor—crazy.

“We want to keep it low-key,” Bahadoran, 29 and also a Global FC player, tells us with a laugh.

But how can you keep mum when you’re dating one of the country’s certified sexiest, the ultimate WAG for some? Cue: David-Victoria Beckham perfection. So, we went ahead and asked the Filipino-Iranian more about them. (We were also fishing for some useful tips to add to our ‘How To Get The Hot Girl When You’re Not That Sporty And/Or Athlete-Ripped’ notes.)


After a long tiring day of training, was able to have fun dinner time with the very beautiful and cray cray @sampinto_

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Bahadoran narrates, the two of them met at a brand-sponsored event that had them seated next to each other. He already knew of Pinto, who was, in fact, his “longtime crush.”

“So, we started to talk then I found her cute and nice,” he says of their first encounter. “I’ve been seeing her on TV and billboards. Seeing her in person wasn't disappointing.”


Miss going to the beach with this one @sampinto_ 🐶❤️

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A series of dates eventually followed that night. The two obviously clicked, and after the second month, the hotshot and the 26-year-old hottie finally called it official.

“It’s been four months already (since we met),” Bahadoran reveals, adding that it’s one relationship that’s been fun-filled because, apparently, it’s not just the Azkal who grows an athletic bone.
“I think the most exciting activity (we’ve done together) was when we were in Ilocos. She was driving the 4x4 and a jet ski. She drove like a guy! It was so fast!” Bahadoran, who’s a talent under Melmac Sports Management, recalls.

“She’s also sporty—she’s very good at surfing! This summer, I hope we can go to the beach more and surf together!”


Jetski + 4x4 + beach + party + @sampinto_ perfect vacation 😊

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What Bahadoran admires most about his “very girly” girlfriend, though, are the simplest things she does for him from day to day—waiting for him after every training session, included. It can be twice the effort for someone as busy as Pinto herself, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

“I like her big heart. She is very supportive of my job, and she knows how to handle my hectic schedule. And we always make time for each other, even just by watching a movie or having dinner after training.“

“We have no problem so far because we both understand each other’s jobs. She knows how to plan things around it. We support each other in events (we are part of) and then we also travel together. We work and play together!”

That said, it seems that their relationship is more than picture-perfect, don’t you think?


Hi @misagh_9 🐶❤️

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