#Squadgoals: Bromancing with the DLSU Green Batters

Barry Viloria on Mar 30, 2016 11:07 PM
#Squadgoals: Bromancing with the DLSU Green Batters
The bond among these homerun heartthrobs from the UAAP Season 78 champion team is strong! (Photo by Vyn Radovan)

DLSU tournament coordinator Joy Lanting—who works under the university’s athletics office, and gets to see student-athletes go in and out of the room and mingle with them regularly—is never shy in describing her “alagas” from the baseball squad. They are pretty boys, she gathers, and this is the team that has recently dethroned archrival Ateneo for the UAAP championship trophy. (This is their first championship after Season 65!) Any observant and curious UAAP baseball spectator would know what we’re talking about, say, one with an ulterior motive of catching the Green Batters work out together at the gym inside Enrique M. Razon Sports Center. You’re welcome, you fan.

“We’re very close on the team. Some of us went to the same high school, and some grew up playing baseball with the others,” explains team captain Carlos Muñoz.


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With a longstanding friendship among some of them (clue: Lasallians through and through!), the relationship among the teammates and even the alumni of the squad only grew over the years. They are student-athletes whose eyes have always been on the prize, facing then-champs Ateneo in the last two years only to be swept in the finals. They finally dethroned the Eagles at Game 2 this season.

Says Muñoz of their discipline on the team, “On the field, we offer constructive criticism and try to keep the vibe serious yet fun. Off the field, we're just like what you would expect from any of your good friends, we can ask for advice or whatever we need with whatever it is.”

Exactly how average are they?

“If we aren't busy with class or anything, then we just hang out with each other waiting to get going,” Muñoz answers. “After practice, we normally talk for a little then head home to skip the traffic. Others hang out also afterwards and do their own thing.”


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Young as they are, it’s not surprising to see these guys get on with the fun, too. No intense fights occur among the members, says Muñoz.

“That’s because we're all very straightforward and all of the jokes and, everything we say, it straight to each other.”

“If you ask me who’s the most loko-loko, it would be Cholo Dominguez,” he shares with a laugh. “He's just really loud and talks about everything, but we love him for it!”



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To relax, like any varsity team, these guys also manage to escape the city “a few times a year.” Places they’ve been to include Tagaytay “usually,” Batangas, and Bataan.

“The Bataan trip last year was the most memorable,” reveals Finance graduate Muñoz, the lone member who’s gone by next season.

He then adds a punch line, “It was after we lost the finals so we got to just have a great time and forget about it!”

And for those dying to know about why the Batters call themselves “unicorns?” Muñoz finally sheds light, “It's just what we call ourselves. It helps keep everything lighter and more fun when we play and hang out!


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