Fitspiration: Top 7 exercises to help you achieve that volleybelle bod!

Barry Viloria on Mar 31, 2016 01:21 AM
Fitspiration: Top 7 exercises for that volleybelle bod!
For fangirls and fitness converts out there, here’s how you can have that enviable volleyball player physique! (Photo of Alyssa Valdez taken from her Instagram: @alyssa_valdez2; photos of Jackie Zapata by Vyn Radovan)

Next to her skill and way of play—you know, the foremost reasons why we’re watching the game anyway—it’s the athlete’s body that has added to the allure of our spectating business. It’s not just because it’s sexy, but then again what’s wrong with that? It’s that it marvels us over how she has maintained it despite the pressure from a lot of things. It’s a story on its own: her training sessions she has to endure, her discipline she has kept, and her kind of strength and confidence she will never cover from or for anyone, including those who have all the haziest comments about skin in sports.

And when it comes to boasting that enviable sculpted physique, the women’s volleyball players of today have become exemplary at it. There are Alyssa Valdez, Rachel Daquis Abi Maraño, Mika Reyes, and so on.

Feeling like following through your idols’ fitness footsteps? We recently asked Fit for Fashion Season 2 winner and former volleyball player Jackie Zapata to come up with a list of easy-to-do exercises that’ll help you reach that volleybelle bod. The cheery 32-year old knows her volleyball and fitness. Back in Tenafly, New Jersey, she was captain of her high school team that included Broadway and Glee star Lea Michele!

For the legs: Leg press and spinning

“Try to strengthen your quads and hamstrings. I was a receiver, and I really needed strong legs for stability during the game.”

For the back: Lat pull-down

“The lats make the back strong for the game. Use this equipment to help engage your form and develop stability.”

For the arms: TRX Rows and bicep curls

“You can also do any basic arm exercise with dumbbells like curls. Try to work out your forearms, which are crucial in the sport.”

For the shoulders: Rows and battle ropes

“Whichever is more fun for you!”


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