Pinoy architect makes it to the Elite Eight of World Sneaker Championships

ABS-CBN Sports on Apr 04, 2016 01:49 PM
Pinoy architect makes Elite 8 of World Sneaker Championships
The "El Povernir" design entry by architect Archie Tolentino is a homage to a 1930s Filipino company.

In the sneaker version of bracket madness, a Filipino and his unique design just made the Elite Eight.

Pinoy architect Archie Tolentino and his "El Povernir" (The Future) advanced to the quarterfinals of the 2016 Pensole World Sneaker Championship after beating an American opponent in the Top 16.

JUST IN: We are in the ELITE 8! 󾓥🇭Thank you for the votes! You can now call it a winning streak! Be back with a proper post. Thank you! #worldsneakerchampionship

Posted by Archie Tolentino on Sunday, April 3, 2016

In his first stint in the World Sneaker Championship, another American design is on the way of Tolentino in his march to the Final Four.

Tolentino's shoe design is a homage to a Philippine company in the 1930s that wanted to challenge foreign entities in the shoe industry.

“The 1930’s, a company thrived as the pioneer of rubbershoe manufacturing in the Philippines. Their flagship ‘Elpo’ went in competition with foreign brands. Their tagline 'Malinis at Malamig sa Paa' (clean and cool on feet) is my design criteria.” 

An architect at ATMA Architecture, Tolentino has made use of his skills to further help him designing footwear.

"My personal path in the profession of architecture involved a lot of practical design application meaning learning to have a good understanding of how things work and come together," Tolentino told ABS-CBN Sports. "Aside from the hard skills of sketching, rendering and technical drawing, we learn and develop when presenting and talking to clients definitely help in footwear design." 

"Vice versa, the emotional storytelling, like Tinker's sneaker designs are known for helps a lot in our design process in architecture. Storytelling is something we push for in our design studio."

Tinker Hatfield of course, is the man behind the iconic Air Jordan line. He's also an architect.

The winner of the World Sneaker Championships will get a chance to make the Pensole Design Academy and have his design be manufactured, with those high stakes, Tolentino wants nothing more than have a Filipino break through the billion-dollar industry and take advantage of the booming sneaker culture especially in the Philippines.

"The recent popularity of sneakers has helped bring in awareness to the footwear design profession and that is a great thing. I would love to see nothing more than a few more Filipino designers break in this billion dollar industry and say 'Hey, we can compete with the rest of the world and be a leader at it.' We can, I had close opportunities before so I know we can," he said.

Vote for Tolentino and "El Povernir" here.

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