6 booting beauties in #UAAPSeason78 womenís football

Barry Viloria on Apr 06, 2016 01:06 AM
6 booting beauties in #UAAPSeason78 womenís football
We surveyed this current seasonís scene, and got to know these fun-loving femme fatales! (Photo by Vyn Radovan)

Rough is an understatement to describe the level of play many UAAP women’s footballers have displayed this season. Which makes it always thrilling to watch any match. Like watching Amanda Bynes’ iconic Viola kick ass as the only woman on her soccer squad in the 2006 movie She’s The Man, it gets any spectator exhilarated, seeing lady booters standing out from the pitch for both their beauty and brawn. We surveyed this current season’s scene, and got to know these fun-loving femme fatales!

“It's Nona or never.”

Nona Amoncio
3rd year, Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Information Design
Right wing/striker, Ateneo Lady Booters

How she got into football: “I used to play tennis, golf, and gymnastics. My younger sister influenced me to play football. She pushed me to join the Miriam College varsity back in Grade 5, and decided to focus on it.”
What she loves about the sport: “I fell in love with the sport because it helped me push myself to the limits. I've learned how to equally prioritize academics and sports.”
Her biggest achievement in football: “To be able to represent the country with this sport (U16, U19, and the Philippine Women's National Team).”
Her ultimate dream: “To become a fashion designer!”
Her secret dream: “Become a Victoria's Secret model Ha ha!”

(Photo taken from Amoncio's Facebook account)

“I think I kick pretty hard!”

Nicole Andaya
3rd year, Marketing Management
Winger/ DLSU Lady Booters

How she got into football: “My dad used to play football for La Salle as well, and so my parents put my brother and I in a grassroots program when I was 4. I'm very competitive so even at a young age I really liked the idea of scoring and that it was a physical sport.”
What she loves about the sport: “It’s that you run for more than 90 minutes for a sometimes a single goal, and the feeling of your team making a goal is always worth everything you sacrificed for the sport!”
Her biggest achievement in football: “In high school, I was Athlete of the Year and Most Outstanding Athlete.”
Her ultimate dream: “To win a UAAP championship! Ha ha! But I also want to be a lawyer or a successful businesswoman!”
Her secret dream: “That Philippine women's football gets the support that it deserves and that more young girls get the opportunity to learn and play the beautiful game.”

(Photo taken from Andaya's Facebook account)

“I will protect this house.”

Toni Nolasco
4th year, BS Legal Management
Left wingback, DLSU Lady Booters

How she got into football: “My brother-in-law taught me when I was about 6 years old. I tried volleyball, too, in high school but just for fun because I'm too short!”
What she loves about the sport: “It's very complex. You have to use your entire body, and you're 22 players on the field with one tiny ball so you have to be skilled, smart and strong. Every game is different and so many interesting things can happen on the field. That's why it's called the “Beautiful Game.”
Her biggest achievements in football: “I was Rookie of the year for UAAP back in 2013. I've gotten a few MVP's in festivals as a kid. I was also starting 11 in both under-16 and under-19 national teams.”
Her ultimate dream: “Right now, it’s to bag the championship this season and hopefully also the next since I'll be graduating soon! On a larger scale, for the Philippine Women's team to qualify for the World Cup in the future!”
Her secret dream: “To be a fitness guru! At some point, I wanted to be a bodybuilder. Ha ha!”

(Photo taken from Nolasco's Facebook account)

“We are the Atleta ng Bayan, and so many people struggle to attend and we have the privilege of having a voice for our fellow Iskos and for the country.”

Kali Huff
2nd year, Public Administration
Right wing, UP Lady Booters

How she got into football: “When I was little, I was always trying to do whatever Mari was doing. When I was three, I started chess with her, then at seven it was track. And then we both started doing soccer camps together. Marie was recruited to play for a club team and I was just the little sister tagging along.”
Her biggest achievements in football: “Being a part of the national team. You have the flag on your heart, you’re on the field with the best talent in the nation.”
Her ultimate dream: “I’m currently taking up Public Administration. I’m going to get my law degree, while still playing some soccer. Or, getting my masters in public policy a bit closer to my dad—who is a public health administrator. He's also an accountant and a consultant.”
Her secret dream: “I definitely want to still be helping people, so either I end up working for a non-profit org or become an education administrator so I can be the one making policies that make the students' lives easier!”

(Photo by Vyn Radovan)

“Off season is where the real work is. You don’t stop. That’s where the real athletes come out.”

Marie Huff
3rd Year, Sports Science
Center midfield, UP Lady Booters

How she got into football: “I was originally involved in track when I was younger and my dad encouraged me to be involved in other sports and cross training. When he signed me up for American Youth Soccer Organization or AYSO, and football summer camp, I didn't have a choice. But then after giving it a try, I saw how much of a thrill there was compared to running track. Instead of running in a circle, I had a whole field to roam and dribbling a ball!”
Her biggest achievements in football: “Kali and I were part of the Makati Football Club and were included in a group of individuals to participate in a Europe trip. After that, we played in several tournaments locally with the club team.”
Her ultimate dream: “I plan to go into medical school and become a sports medicine doctor.”

(Photo by Vyn Radovan)

“I'm a kind person who never backs out from a fight.”

Princess Aguilar
2nd year, Sports and Wellness Management
Midfielder, UST Lady Booters

How she got into football: “I was influenced by my older sister Pearl who also played football in UST.”
What she loves about the sport: “I love the challenge to perform and contribute to the team and, of course, the company of my teammates.”
Her biggest achievements in football: “To be in the UAAP lineup and to have been part of the U-13 and U-14 RP training pool.”
Her ultimate dream: “To graduate and play in the UAAP exclusively in five years time!”
Her secret dream: “I want to go to Paris!”


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