What is graduating King Eagle Kiefer Ravena up to this summer?

Barry Viloria on Apr 18, 2016 03:09 PM
What is graduating Kiefer Ravena up to this summer?
Do the UAAP alumnus’ plans this hot season include Alyssa Valdez?

“Chillaxed” is how Ateneo Blue Eagle senior Kiefer Ravena best describes his last semester in school. With only nine academic units left and without any option of going pro yet, the 22-year-old UAAP star seems to be playing it cool this warm season. Yet, his mind is still pretty much wrapped around basketball, preparing himself for the bigger leagues. For example, he flew with his mom to the States last March to seek an international level of training and “bonding na din namin.” And then there’s also the ongoing Pilipinas Commercial Basketball League he’s playing for, under the team Mighty Sports.

“Basketball pa din, eh. Kelangan prepared ka na sa next level. Mag e-extra effort ka pa din talaga at dapat kusa,” the two-time UAAP champ and MVP tells us.

“It’s one thing that we have to keep in mind especially for graduating players this season like me. We don’t have the luxury of practicing with school teams, so kelangan maghanap ng way to maintain ang shape namin, and at the same time, to improve.”

Ravena admits he still spends most of his time on campus, “fixing papers, catching up with everybody else, and making the most out of my last year.” Early this season, he found himself frequently training with the Lady Eagles at the Blue Eagle Gym. It was another way for the athlete to keep himself on his toes.

“I was just breaking a sweat with them, and at the same time trying another sport. Their training is very high intensity and high in competition.”

All said, summer may seem to be just about elevating Ravena’s level of play. But how about for his much-needed R&R?

“I’m flying to Europe with my mom Mozzy for a couple of days in May. That’s my only travel time,” he says.


Ill see you in a few. 😊 . . . . . ❤️

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Will Ravena’s busy schedule keep him from spending the summer with his significant Phenom Alyssa Valdez? Apparently, but he says he will try to make up for it.

“You know her, how her schedule is, and how lucky we are to even find time or a day to even go out together,” he says.

“We don’t have anything concrete for this summer yet. If time permits, it’s the only time we can take the time out of our five years in the UAAP. It’s just an issue of finding time.”

Although, Ravena says he’ll still be as supportive of Valdez as ever, especially as the team recently secured a finals appearance this season

“I still support her even without me being physically there during the games. I talk to her. I tell her to play her best. She already knows what to do. She’s the type of player you don’t really need to motivate and everything. She’s just so motivated to win.”

“We’ll see if she has plans to continue playing whether she has gigs here, abroad, or whoever volleyball takes her.”

As of now, Ravena’s mind is nowhere any basketball court. In this ideal escape, he’s miles away from Manila, with his girl, his family and hers, and everyone else he loves, breathing in fresh air and then breathing out all the pressure and worries that came with their student-athlete life.

“If ever, I’d take her to my province in Iloilo, somewhere we can really escape—no phones, no signal, no anything, and away from everybody else. We will just be with my family, her family, that’s it.”


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