How to deal with online bashers by Jeron Teng

Barry Viloria on Apr 19, 2016 09:14 PM
How to deal with online bashers by Jeron Teng
His number one rule in managing your Instagram and Twitter? Keep. It. Cool. (Photo by Vyn Radovan)

As someone whose Instagram and Twitter accounts are heavily followed, DLSU star player Jeron Teng seems to have mastered the art and science behind using social media over time. He has more than 390,000 followers on Instagram while his Twitter is filling up at 571,000 followers, as of press time. No surprise that he had just won Favorite Asian Sports Star award at the 2016 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, an online voting-driven campaign that he dominated over other young sports stars: Indonesia’s Kim Kurniawan, Malaysia’s Pandelela, and Singapore’s Irfan Fandi.

But if you ask Teng, social media is simply for keeping tabs, “I just use social media to keep the fans updated and also to keep me updated about my friends.”

“Online, I just follow my teammates. Syempre, I’m always with them everyday. And we’re really, really close.”

For the one-time UAAP Seniors champ whose popularity has reached superstar status since (evident through his active endorsements from Gatorade to Akari to McDonald’s to Milo), hate from critics—or just bashers—became inevitable in his social media use.

The good thing is Teng became the bigger person in this all.

“I don’t really focus on the negative. When fans tell me something negative, I don’t affected by it.”

“I just focus on the positive. I’m really optimistic. Pag may pumapasok, pinapabayaan ko nalang. Well, it’s also part of what we do—yung criticism.”

Although, he admits, there are times that some issues online get the best of him.

“Siguro, what I don’t like is when fans make up stories just to hate on me. Okay lang na nag-ko-comment sya na bad pero opinion lang. Pero if stories lang, it’s really bad,” he says.

It’s just a little dismaying for Teng how bashers would even hit on his family and friends. His defense mechanism? Same—just let it go.

“Medyo sanay na din ako. If you’re gonna let these haters do their thing, mas masasaya pa sila, eh. So, I just stop focusing on them.”


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It’s also another thing for Teng, if it’s his relationship with his girl being brought into the situation. But, again, he pretty much knows how to handle it like some social media pro.

“Well, of course. The first thing I do is to comfort her. Pag may sinabi yung mga fans ng something bad about me, I try to prove her wrong. And show her that I’m not what the fans say and I’m much better than that.”


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