Three things Matteo Guidicelli loves about triathlon

Barry Viloria on Apr 21, 2016 11:00 PM
Three things Matteo Guidicelli loves about triathlon
The multi-stage sport has mental and spiritual benefits, too, if you ask this sports buff (Photo courtesy of Saucony)

Dolce Amore star and now-singer Matteo Guidicelli is easily the poster boy of triathlon here in the country, and it’s not just because of his visible tan and (battle) scars. It’s more than a hobby, says the 26-year-old whose first love was go-kart racing.

“It’s more than a sport—it’s a lifestyle.”

“The discipline and passion you get from kart racing are still there. There are a lot of similarities, really. But this time, your body is the motor and the engine.”

A sports buff and a competitive one at that, Guidicelli also shares an interest in basketball, polo, swimming, biking, and running—triathlon is an extreme multi-stage tournament that’s a combination of the last three. His being into triathlon spans five years now, and it’s one that’s taken him to a whole new level of discipline and athleticism. On the days he’s not taping for his showbiz work (usually, thrice a week), he’s training. Or, taking a rest, as it’s also part of the recovery.

Been one of those wanting to try triathlon or just itching to take on a new hobby? We already know the technical stuff about it—how triathlon helps develop one’s upper body (shoulders, latissimus dorsi, chest) and lower body (quads, glutes, calf, hamstrings). But how about the mental and spiritual benefits? Let this hunk—who’s currently eyeing the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship in Cebu next—share you some of that stuff here!

1. “You get to eat whatever you want.”

Like something you would hear from any athlete who trains everyday and has no worries of growing a gut, Guidicelli here isn’t pulling your leg. “That’s because you burn it all up. Usually, I binge eat after an Iron Man race,” he says. “When you can get into the groove, the workouts, and everything, you burn so much calories and you tend to eat anything. If you’re in the training season, you can burn up to around 1,000 calories in one run session.” Guidicelli normally shies away from any kind of diet, especially when it’s the training season and you’d need all the nutrients you can get. “The training makes you lose weight. And while in the season, you learn to be better at your eating choices anyway,” he claims.

2. “It’s easy to do.”

It’s a combination of three things you have long already learned, says Guidicelli, so it can be really convenient to perform altogether. He admitted in a separate interview that he initially found the sport boring, until his dad Luca bought him a bike. He got to try triathlon without real training in swimming. This caught him in a death-defying situation in the swimming leg of his first competition, although he still got to finish it. This further challenged the competitive actor to take on the sport for real. As for the gear and equipment that will make it easier for beginners, Guidicelli suggests anyone to be more technical about it. For running, he recommends the comfortable Triumph ISO 2 Everun from Saucony, the shoe brand he’s endorsing; for cycling, he patronizes Specialized’s S Works because it’s “cool and high end.”

3. “You get to appreciate what’s natural.”

“You don’t have to stay at the gym and with the air conditioner on. You literally go out,” says Guidicelli about how the sport that took him away from the urban confines and into seas and in the open air. And then there’s also the community you form in the age of smartphones, which he says, makes the entire experience inimitable. Guidicelli presently represents Team Ford Forza, which placed second at the 2016 Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 triathlon race - team relay category last March. “There’s the camaraderie with your team and friends, who all help you keep a healthy lifestyle. We’re just 10 to 15 in the group—it’s also my foundation and advocacy. We’re a group of athletes who support athletes who can’t support themselves.”


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