What’s in an FEU Lady Tamaraw’s bag?

Barry Viloria on Apr 21, 2016 04:57 PM
What’s in an FEU Lady Tamaraw’s bag?
Peek through the things that keep the fierce Morayta girls battle-ready! (Photos by Vyn Radovan)

Despite recently succumbing to La Salle for a place in the finals, the FEU Lady Tamaraws still proved to be a force this season. The yellow-green squad had its last top two appearance in 2008, yet this season the Morayta girls didn’t make it easy for Taft to nab the coveted finals spot especially when they shook the Lady Spikers’ twice-to-beat advantage.

For the fans, their last match was one battled with so much heart, and some of us are still reeling over a dark horse supposedly spicing up the finals if ever La Salle had gone. We got to chat more about some of the team’s fun-loving stars, who shared with us what (literally) fuels them every game!

Bernadette Pons

“Kabit kabit na yung clips and ponytail ko. Kelangan ko to lagi sa game lalo na’t magulo yung buhok ko.”

“Itong rosary na to binili ko sa SM Manila. Opal sya for my birth month. Syempre, need ko sya every game. Blessed sya nung January sa Feast ng Black Nazarene sa Quiapo.”

“Etong watch na to, birthday gift ng Tita ko nung October 19. Recently lang kami nanging close, lalo na nung nakikita nya ko sa TV.”

Jerrili Malabanan

“We sweat a lot because it's sports. So, I always make sure I don’t smell bad. I’m very hygienic!”

“I always have some kind of fruit in any day, in case I get hungry. In this case, an apple. I’m kinda obsessed with fruits and kinda watchful of my diet.”

“I got my headbands ready because my baby hair is always appearing. If I don’t have it, my hair gets crazy! Ha ha!”

Remy Palma

“Chuckie is my favorite drink. Ritual ko sya after lunch lagi. Tsaka chocolate sya, so pang-pa-hyper. The whole day, nauubos ko yung ganito kalaki!”

“Yung wallet ko laman nya ang pera ko, school ID, postal ID, UAAP ID—lahat na valuanle ko andito.”

“I always have my toothpaste and toothbrush. Of course, I have to keep my personal hygiene in check. May times na dito sa dugout na kami kumakain pag may game, so kelangan mag-freshen up din since humaharap kami sa tao as athletes.”


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