Ateneo’s Alyssa Valdez and her lasts

Barry Viloria on Apr 27, 2016 09:48 AM
Ateneo’s Alyssa Valdez and her lasts
We play ‘What was your last…’ with the superstar as she culminates her last year in the UAAP. Sob! (Photo by Ken Natividad)

Graduating from the league this season, Alyssa Valdez will obviously leave a huge mark that defined the exceptional play she’s exhibited in her nine year-spanning UAAP career. Forget the five UAAP championships (now aiming for her sixth), the six UAAP MVP titles (she’s also this season’s Best Scorer and Best Server), the four Shakey’s V-League medals, those few but memorable ranks she’s landed representing the country in international competitions, that moment she held the Philippine flag at the parade of nations to open the SEA Games last year, all those endorsements and media appearances, and what-have-you.

It has always been about this humble girl from Batangas, whose power and influence among the youth rippled so strong that volleyball saw a phenomenal surge, and thus helped inspire more and more Filipinos to rediscover their love for the sport and invite institutions to take it more seriously.

We’re sure many of Valdez’ fans wouldn’t take her exit from the UAAP easily, but hopes are high that she crosses over to the semipros. (After all, she’s signed with SMART and PLDT’s volleyball teams.)

To try in helping you go through these tough times as our heroine finally bids goodbye to the league, here’s a fun chat we’ve recently had with the Phenom about her, well, lasts.


Last meal she ate: “We ate with my teammates at the Red Lantern in Solaire!"

Last meal she’ll ever eat: “I don’t know, I eat a lot! Ha ha!”

Last person she thinks of at night: “You—as in, you! Ha ha!”

Last person she said ‘I love you’ to: “My parents!”

Last destination she’s been to: “Blue Eagle Gym, for practice! Ha ha!”

Last book she read: “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't by James C. Collins.”

Last song she played in the car: “Only One by Kanye West featuring Paul McCartney. Sayang nga di ako nakapunta sa Paradise (a music festival where Kanye was the headlining artist.) May game kasi kami, nakita mo ba? Ha ha!”

Last person she bullied: “My teammate Ria Lo. Ha ha!”

Last song she’s danced to: “I don’t dance, eh!”

Last gift she bought for herself: “Wala."

Last gift she bought for someone: “iPod—for…”


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