12 things you didnít know about the DLSU Lady Spikers by Jeanine Tsoi

Barry Viloria on May 04, 2016 05:30 PM
12 things about the DLSU Lady Spikers by Jeanine Tsoi
The outgoing DLSU courtside reporter on the most maarte, grumpy, studious, etc. among the lady champs (Photo taken from Tsoi's Instagram: @jeaninebeatrice)

“It feels unbelievable. It’s just so good to exit the courtside representing a champion team.”

DLSU courtside reporter Jeanine Tsoi could only heave a sigh of relief and contentment after culminating her UAAP reporting career last Saturday. The DLSU Lady Spikers trouncing the Ateneo Lady Eagles at the women’s volleyball finals for her first championship to report on, is precisely why she has a smile on despite leaving her cherished stint of two years.

“Mas masarap mag-exit kasi syempre victorious,” says the part-time model, who now returns to being a fulltime Engineering student.

“Being a courtside reporter was such a privilege because I get to report for such a talented team. It’s different because you’re representing your Alma Mater also, so nakaka-proud being a Lasallian.”

Tsoi admits she only got to be close with the volleyball team this season compared to last year. It helped knowing them more whenever she sees them training at Enrique Razon and when they’re readying for a game. The talent is clearly in them, she says, but more so is the lack of attitude—something people would normally expect from sports stars, but not this powerhouse team.

“They’re very humble, super down-to-earth, alam mo yun. They have so much potential but they don’t even know it. They’re so level-headed, their feet are on the ground, and I think the best part about the Lady Spikers is that they’re so driven, motivated, hardworking yet super grounded.”

What else goes on behind the scenes? When asked things fans don’t know yet about the champion team—Tsoi was more than happy to oblige!


Knew you girls could do it 💚🙏🏼 #Animo

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Who’s the most humble?

The most maarte?
“Majoy Baron! Naka-concealer yan before a game. Pati kilay nya alagang alaga! Very kikay!”

The grumpiest?

The nicest?

The most studious?
“Secretly, si Kim Fajardo! Ha ha!”

The geekiest?
“Carol Cerveza.”

The most pasaway?
“Kimmy (Fajardo)!”

Who do you think is the sexiest?
“Kianna Dy!”

Who are you closest with?
“I guess, Kimmy.”

Can you recall a fight among the teammates?
“Wala naman.”
The ultimate charmer?
“Best Digger, Dawn Macandili!”

The fashionista of the group?
“Again, the very kikay Majoy!”


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