6 things about Kobe Paras that値l shock you by Mommy Lyxen

Barry Viloria on May 08, 2016 02:18 AM
6 things about Kobe Paras that値l shock you by Mommy Lyxen
Get to know some unexpected tidbits about the incoming UCLA Bruins rookie, courtesy of his loving mom! (Photo taken from Paras' Instagram account: @_kobeparas)

If you’ve seen Kobe Paras’ artsy, well-curated posts on Instagram, you’d easily sense some of his… swagger. Like, you know, something you feel when you come across some stereotypical teenage jock. You could also say that the incoming UCLA Bruins rookie is well adjusted now, compared to his first months in the States that he had admitted to be wrapped in pure homesickness. For a boy so talented but has left the country mid-high school, many of us ironically got more curious about Paras only when he left. The viral videos and online posts weren’t enough anymore for us to learn more about the 18-year-old prodigy and recent Chalk Magazine cover boy.

So, who is the real Kobe Paras? We got some hints from his mom Lyxen, who with the family, was last with him during the recent Spring Break in California. Some of which will leave you fans loving the future NCAA—and maybe NBA—star more!



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1. Kobe was… chubby.

It’s funny how the very lean Paras found it hard carrying himself as a child. “There was a long period when Kobe could not even go up the monkey bars and join André because he was a chunky kid. All he could do was sit on the bench with his dad and me and watch André flawlessly manipulate the playground equipment.” After Paras lost his baby weight, it was all uphill—he joined the school varsity with his older brother. His basketball career took off, and before everyone knew it, he was representing the country at the FIBA and playing ball with LeBron.

2. Kobe was one clingy child.

Mommy Lyxen recalls a really “sweet” Kobe back as a child. “When he was little, he was forever physically clinging to his Dad and grandmother. When he was nine, he cried to me to request that we shouldn’t have any more children because he wanted his Dad and me to just focus and devote our love and time to him and André only.” Lyxen would give birth to two more boys, whom Paras would eventually grow to love. Like him and older brother André who used to be with the UP Fighting Maroons, younger brothers Riley and Sam are athletic as well. The two dabble in football and Karate, respectively.


just 11,746 kilometers away from them

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3. Kobe used to be really sweet.

“He used to have presents and self-made greeting cards for Benjie and me on every occasion. Sadly, those changed when he became a teenager. Along with becoming busy with everyday stuff, like school and basketball, he also had a world outside of our home, discovered new friends, hobbies, and girls, which divided his attention and priorities,” Mommy Lyxen opens up. Although, she says, Paras returned to being his sweet self once he left abroad. “Obviously, being away from those that matter most to you makes you realize how important those people are.” Viber became their vital tool to connect when they’re far away. Whenever they’re together in one place, he never misses a chance to hang out with Mommy Lyxen. Take a look at Paras’ Instagram and you’d most likely bump into photos of the two going shopping and dining out!

4. Kobe shares a romantic, sensitive side.

Speaking of being sweet, Mommy Lyxen also likes to think of Kobe as someone very emotional. As a matter of fact, while “André and Riley are both jokesters, Kobe and Sam are the sensitive ones. Andre and Sam are performers and into dancing, Kobe and Riley are artists and into drawing.” There’s also that Kobe letting his emotions get to him even when playing, she adds. “Kobe used to have a bad temper but being in America, on his own, changed that. He used to allow his intense emotions control his game but he has outgrown that. He is now more accepting of advices, more mature, and even calmer during his games.”



shopping time w/ thy gorgeous mum! • mirror 📸 2/3

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5. Kobe easily falls in love.

“I can't exactly expound on this without selling him out so, just trust me when I tell you that, ‘Kobe falls in love too fast,’” Mommy Lyxen reveals in jest. “He also tends to fall in love with different girls easily.” That said, trust that the lady of the Paras household will be very cautious of whoever any of her sons dates!

6. Kobe is a born champ.

Forget the UAAP. It has always been the NBA for this dreamer. Why else study abroad and get intensive basketball training? “Kobe always had big dreams and with that, he always knew that there’s a bigger world out there that he could at least try to conquer,” Mommy Lyxen says of her son. She has always seen it in him ever since. “During one of his games in our village when he was a grade-schooler, he broke his finger and was in so much pain. He stopped only for a while, took deep breaths, dried his tears, and went back to the court to win the game.” Now, that's a mark of a champ who always aims to go beyond, but not without the main woman in her life guiding him along the way!


thy gorgeous momma

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