The new Gilas uniforms are looking nothing but sharp

Barry Viloria on May 29, 2016 11:01 PM
The new Gilas uniforms are looking nothing but sharp
The updated jersey and short pairs are making us go, in the words of Jordan Clarkson, ‘Let’s win!’

Excitement shrouded the unveiling of the new Gilas Pilipinas uniforms at the Kerry Sports Manila court inside the Shangri-La at the Fort last Saturday, with some key members of the national team modeling theirs in front of the media first time. The (mega)brand behind the jersey-and-short pairs remains the same—Nike, after all, has been backing Gilas since 10 years ago. But the few changes on the uniform could only prove to be appreciated—and necessary—as the boys compete in the FIBA Olympic Qualifiers in July.

So, what exactly makes the updated the Aeroswift-infused Nike Vapor uniforms better than the past version?


"Let's win!" Jordan Clarkson going Apocalypse-like over the Gilas boys, who here are in their updated Nike jerseys.

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It’s lighter.

Like all else, any sports uniform should be as lightweight (feeling like second skin) as possible. The new Nike Vapos ones are exactly that, and it helps that it’s tailored to the player’s bod. There’s no added weight, too, when worn with Nike base layers or sleeves and compression gear covering the arms, knees, and the body. At the event, Gabe Norwood said he’s a fan of this improvement, especially the tailor-fit feel on the shoulders.

It’s more breathable.

The lightness in weight of the uniforms is complemented with the breathability of the updated design. It’s said to be 35% more convenient for air to pass through than the 2012 version. The short, for example, introduces the FlyVent technology for the waistband. Such features two types of knit mesh and is made for improved security and breathability.

It keeps the players sweat-proof.

Addressing perspiration problems further with its improved design tech, the new uniforms are part-“hydrophobic”—meaning the material doesn’t mix with water and thus repels it. The jersey boasts of a hydrophobic four-way stretch woven fabric in the front, and is designed with a hybrid of engineered knit mesh in the back. The short is sewn just the same. Jeff Chan specifically commended the moisture-absorbing feature saying, “Pwedeng kang mamunas sa gilid ng shorts.”

It makes you proud to be Pinoy.

Never has function and fashion been fused for the better in sports than now, and this has been Nike’s battle cry recently. Moreover, the design speaks very well to the Gilas boys’ Filipino roots. The white-based ‘home’ jersey has the country’s and player’s names in accents of red, with a royal blue line on the side of the jersey and at the front of the shorts. The royal blue-based ‘away’ jersey, meanwhile, has the mentioned features in white and scarlet red, respectively. The colors, obviously, are derived from the Philippine flag, thus fueling national pride for the national team.


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