#TrendingTuesday: 9 #runningmanchallenge vids featuring Pinoy athletes ranked from fine to funny

Barry Viloria on May 31, 2016 06:58 PM
9 of the best #runningmanchallenge vids ft. Pinoy athletes
Here are Alyssa Valdez, Mika Reyes, the CSB Lady Blazers, and other champion athletes who’ve all done it. We’ve rated the most entertaining ones we’ve seen yet! (Photo courtesy of Fitness First)

Ah, the #runningmangchallenge.

Before it was even decided that they’d be taking on each other in the Finals, the Warriors and the Cavs have already done it. And it was gold. So, for now, we’d like to credit Miami Heat rookie Justise Winslow for pioneering this, well, addicting absurdity in the NBA. (Yeah, “pioneering,” let’s call it that so it sounds legit.)

The social media fad, which started in the States’ collegiate athlete ranks, has since spread to different sports team worldwide—and coming from a country so dictated by Western trends, the Philippines’ various teams kept themselves in on the joke.

What do we have so far? Brief videos exposing our favorite athletes making fools of themselves—and we’re loving it! We’ve ranked some of the best from amusing to arresting!

(But if you need some refresher...)

9. The big guys that the Elasto Painters were, they didn’t fear being reduced to being Magic Mike wannabes. Or was it just part of the initiation rites for Maverick Ahanmisi, Don Trollano, and Josan Nimes, who were all rookies?

8. Here’s with a little bit of editing. Whether it’s to promote the album of the singer in the video (duh) or not, we’re liking how the gigantic former PBA player Rob Wainwright is showing some moves. Way to go for the Mahindra Enforcers' assistant coach!

7. Alyssa Valdez and her PLDT Ultera teammates took on the challenge like a pro, too. The Lady Phenom later called themselves out in jest, “Hoy, magtrabaho na kayo!”

6. Of course, no single collegiate team in the local arena has been seen dancing to the challenge but the DLSU Lady Spikers. They even showcased their all-girl performance on Gandang Gabi Vice!

5. Speaking of the Archers, check out La Salle’s ever-popular middle blocker Mika Reyes taking on the challenge on her own. She didn’t seem to need a lot of help, don’t you think?

4. Solo was also the name of this UP Fighting Maroon’s game. Diliman’s Henry Asilum got a little more creative in his version.

3. The NCAA also had their share of champion volleybelles showing some retro spirit. Check out the CSB Lady Blazers doing something like practicing and then scrubbing the floor (?) before getting jolted into a dance number!

2. Here’s something a little awkward but otherwise adorable—the burly guys of the national rugby team killin’ it!

1. But when you speak of ensemble, here’s a casting coup featuring La Salle’s athletes, coaches, and sports staff making a novelty out of My Boo. The delightful deed was deliberate for the Archers’ fans—fitting as a gift of gratitude from the #UAAPSeason78 general champs!

Here's a bonus, featuring circa 2008 James Yap as the running man on a more literal sense. #peaceout


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