#WorkoutWednesday: The kinds of keep-fit sesh that actually work on celebs

Barry Viloria on Jun 01, 2016 07:42 PM
#WorkoutWednesday: Male celebs' favorite workouts revealed
The secret to each of these Star Magic actors’ fighter-like physiques is finally out! (Photo taken from Piolo Pascual's Instagram account: @piolo_pascual)

It’s hard being a celebrity. We wouldn’t really know since we could only dream of being one, but chitchatting with any of them—especially the biggest ones—will reveal the busiest of lifestyles and the most life-sapping of schedules. Dieting, lack of decent sleep, and any attempt to maintain their good looks are no rare stories in the world of show business.

And that’s precisely why we’re okay being just like… this.

What’s not okay, though, is growing a gut… and being unhealthy, in general. It’s never telegenic nor photogenic nor talikod-genic. Not so pang-artista. If you’re dreaming of a celeb bod like we do (hang in there, Chris Hemsworth, your Thor built will be our next goal), we only turned to these local heartthrobs for workouts that actually, well, work out for them. Take note, brahs!

Piolo Pascual and HIIT

Why it works for him: It’s simple and works on any location—from the set to the gym to his home. “There are lots of floor exercises, calisthenics, and body weights. I do it everyday—you just need a mat and a couple of dumbbells. That’s it.” Factor in the event that he can work out with his dearest son Iñigo who’s also in showbiz.


Get'n there.... Summer here I come 😳

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No pain no gain... and some fun 💪 @iminigopascual

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Sam Milby and circuit training

Why it works for him: It gets more work done even when he has only a few time to spare for the day. He squeezes at most three sessions per week: circuit training plus chest and triceps; circuit training plus back and biceps; and finally a shoulders day. “So, you also burn more calories,” he adds. Milby is not one who does cardio since “I don’t enjoy the treadmill compared to when I was in LA, running with a view of the Grand Canyon.”


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Joseph Marco and abs and lower back exercises

Why it works for him: The model-actor, famed for his six-pack in billboards and on runways, is honest about not exercising his arms nor chest. Instead, he just focuses on the lower back and, of course, his abs. “Thirty minutes lang ako mag-work-out, unlike before when I work everything out,” he says. “Ngayon, kailangan mong mag-adjust sa TV since it’s adding on 10 pounds. Ang pangit ‘pag sa drama, and you’re crying, pero ang laki ng katawan mo tapos ang liit ng leading lady mo.” Good point there.


When I exercise, I wear all black. It's like a funeral for my fat. 🏈

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Robi Domingo and HIIT

Why it works for him: Like Pascual, Domingo just wants to keep lean. So, when not taping for Myx, The Voice, or Umagang Kay Ganda, he’s just at an Anytime Fitness branch in Quezon City burning fat. “Idol ko kasi ngayon sina Daredevil and The Flash, he explains. “Before, nagpapa-bulk up talaga ako. Pero nalaman ko, my body adapts to any kind of stress immediately. So, if I work out heavy, my body becomes bigger. If I go more on full reps or HIIT, mabilis pumayat.”


Never get tired. 🏋🏻 #IWill @underarmourph

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Khalil Ramos and squats

Why it works for him: “It engages all your muscles—from abs to shoulders and, of course, it’s a leg workout,” the actor-singer points out. He mentions that while he also does a lot of deadlifting, he’s gotten more consistent in squats to be “stronger.” “I was able to do things I couldn’t do before. I can carry myself easily. And I’m more balanced and more focused—with squats, you should have focus so you don’t mess up your back.”


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