Cavs or Warriors? Basketball-loving celebs wager on!

Barry Viloria on Jun 02, 2016 09:08 PM
Cavs or Warriors? Basketball-loving celebs wager on!
The upcoming NBA Finals is drawing some big bets even from local showbiz. (Photo by Vyn Radovan)

Coming from a basketball-crazy nation like the Philippines are cries of excitement over the upcoming NBA Finals, where California and Cleveland take on each other for the second straight year and one that’s been reigniting the supposed rivalry between the Warriors’ David aka Stephen Curry; and the Cavs’ Goliath aka LeBron James.

You, too, just can’t contain it, can you? While our social media feeds may be teeming with cheers—or hate-trade—some of our favorite showbiz bros finally broke their silence on which team they’re rooting for. Here’s what they have to say!

From Team Cavs…


A photo posted by Ervic Vijandre (@ervic_vijandre) on

“In this series, I'm team Cavs! (I'm not a LeBron fan, though. I just don't want GSW getting the record (73-9) at the same time the championship. Because for me, the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls is still the best team of all time (72-10) plus the championship that year then continued to get their third consecutive championship!” – Ervic Vijandre, actor


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“Cavs! Cos LeBron is king, period. I find GSW overrated.” – Patrick Sugui, actor


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"Cavs! 'Cos I'm a LeBron fan and I want them to redeem themselves this year since the whole team is healthier compared to last year when it was only LeBron against the Warriors." - Miko Raval, actor, Tubig at Langis


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"Cavs! LeBron needs to get Cleveland that championship!" - Gerald Anderson, actor, Always Be My Maybe

From Team Warriors…


A photo posted by Richard Juan (@richardjuan) on

“Golden State ako ‘cos I don’t like LeBron. And I like the plays of Golden State more—I like their playing style with lots of three’s ‘cos that’s also how I play ball din. Ha ha!” – Richard Juan, ABS-CBN Sports+Action host


A photo posted by Luke Conde (@hashtag_lukeconde) on

“Team GSW ako kasi may magaling na player na same faith ko. Good example sya sa young kids.”Luke Conde, Hashtags member

“Team Golden State!! I've always been a fan of GSW since the 90's. Ha ha!” – Victor Silayan, actor, Tubig at Langis


A photo posted by Schneider (@chrisschneider7) on

“Even though I'm not a fan of both teams (Lakers for life!), I'm picking the Golden State Warriors to win this series because I'm fed up with LeBron being regarded as the best player in the world. Really? What has he proven? If he was the best player in the world he should have been a champion 6 times already. After all when he joined the Miami Heat in 2010, he said he'd get them not one, not two, not three, but seven titles. How'd that end up? Exactly! He's been to the NBA Finals 6 times but only has 2 rings to show for it. It doesn't matter what teammates you surround Lebron with. Because even if Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and Lebron have a good game they're no match for the tried and tested Splash brothers (Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.) Let's face it the Eastern conference is a very weak conference so it's no surprise how the Cavs cakewalked to the finals… It's hard to not pick the Warriors to win this series since Curry and company loves to silence the doubters especially the ones saying they got lucky to face an injured Cavs team in last year's Finals. It makes you wonder what LeBron's excuse going to be this time if the Warriors are victorious? And lastly here's some food for thought. If the Warriors are able to beat the Cavs. Lebron will be just 2 wins and 5 losses in the NBA Finals. Lebron will no longer be called "King James," he'll simply just be the past since Steph Curry will elevate himself to the throne and become the present and future face of the NBA.” - Chris Schneider, DJ, Monster RX 93.1

“I've been a passionate Golden State Warriors fan for 21 years now. I suffered through the Baron Davis era, cringed at Spree choking out Coach Carlesimo, relished the day we drafted Chris Webber, and very clearly recall being a young boy in San Francisco every summer as my uncles and aunts introduced me to Run TMC and the beauty of blue and gold basketball.” - Franco Mabanta, host

Team "Let's wait for it!"


A photo posted by Robi Domingo (@iamrobidomingo) on

“I have a feeling that the Cavs will get the trophy this season because they have their big three and their team really improved a lot in terms of their dynamics and ball movement. But strength in numbers will still prevail. GSW proved that they will step up amidst all adversities, they have a high sense of resiliency—which is an embodiment of Filipino.” - Robi Domingo, host, Umagang Kay Ganda


A photo posted by Jose Sarasola (@chefjosesarasola) on

"Actually, I'm torn. I want the Cavs to win because I want LeBron to finally give Cleveland a championship since he did come home for unfinished business. On the other hand, it's been a perfect season for the Warriors having the best regular season record in NBA history and coming back from 3-1 down vs the Thunder. Would be sad if they dont get that championship." - Jose Sarasola, actor


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