Cavs or Warriors? These fangirls place their bets!

Barry Viloria on Jun 08, 2016 12:13 PM
Cavs or Warriors? These fangirls place their bets!
It seems many are (still) cheering for LeBron... (Photo taken from Niņa Avlia's Instagram account: @ninaalvia)

The first two games of this season’s finals may have already given us a glimpse of how it’s going to roll out for the rest of the game-of-7 series. The in-your-face margin of victory? Even the Golden State head coach himself is surprised!

But we’re already hearing Cleveland fans screaming at us in disapproval: “Noooooot!” Obviously, there’s still no backing down from the Cavs’ court—why else would LeBron James himself buy his teammates some, yes, shields?

Indeed, the war is just getting started.

We’ve already gotten in touch with some local male celebrities cheering for their team of choice. This time, we talked to the members of the female species who are legit NBA fans and surveyed their bets!

From Team Warriors…


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“Because after their showing in Game 1, it looks like they're just too good for Cleveland's big 3. Dubs are Strength In Numbers personified because they don't only have the Splash Brothers, they've proved that everyone else is capable of stepping up and winning. So sure, the Cavs can shut down Klay and Steph but unless they can find a way to shut down everyone on that team, they aren't going to get a ring this year.” – Riki Flores-Reyes, DJ and host


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“Sure sweep! Not only do we have the Splash Brothers. We have a deep bench—did you see what Livingston did during Game 1? Huhu! Looove!” – Niña Alvia, UP Season 78 courtside reporter

From Team Cavs…


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“I want the Cavs to win. And believe me, I cannot believe I just said that. I've always had the notion that if life were a sports movie, LeBron would always be playing for the evil team. It was Team Iceland in The Mighty Ducks, the Monstars in Space Jam, the guards in The Longest Yard. But I have this weird complex, which is the exact opposite of that of a ‘bandwagonner.’ I simply cannot root for the stronger team. I will ALWAYS root for the underdog. As we all know, the Warriors as a team dominated the regular season, crushing the league record previously held by the '96 bulls and ending with a 73-9 record. Stephen Curry as an individual made 402 three-pointers this year, a hundred more than the player who previously held the record—who, by the way, was ALSO HIM. The Dubs are just TOO GOOD. And I cannot, in good conscience, root for a team that is THIS strong. I want CLE to win.” – Tin Gamboa, DJ and sportscaster

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“When they first faced each other, I was for the Warriors—underdog Cinderella story. And also, I did not like LeBron James—did not like wherever he went. But the past year working with Nike made me do lots of research on the Nike Athletes, and LeBron—this mayabang, annoying, brusko, cold giant—has a freaking heart of gold. He may be aggressive and intimidating on the court, and he receives so much flak from the world when he makes mistakes. Probably the most criticized athlete ever! But he deserves goodness and he's such a great athlete and person. So inspiring and I'm excited to cheer for him for first time!” – Katz Salao, DJ and Ride Revolution instructor

“Cavs ako! Have always wanted to see them get that championship ring and to see a repeat of the GSW-CLE matchup this year makes me hopeful na this year might be their year!” – Trish Roque, TV reporter

“Main reason why the Cavs is, of course, LeBron James. I just love him for his strengths and weaknesses. The fact that Cavs got him back in 2014, sealed the deal. They have my loyalty. I have a soft spot for dark horses, too. I believe that between CLE and GS, my team has the biggest passion to win and that will make them reach their goal.” – Cheri Ramirez, wine store supervisor

And from Team "Let's wait for it!"


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“It's so hard because I’m not a LeBron James fan, but I really want Cleveland to win a championship. And what the Cavs have done in the past two years is just amazing! However, what Steph Curry and the warriors are doing, coming back from 1-3 against OKC, their 73-9 season, makes me want them to win as well. :Bbut sheer gut, pwede ba Spurs sagot ko? Ha ha!” – Bea Fabregas, DJ and sportscaster

Game 3 is on Thursday, June 9, LIVE on ABS-CBN Channel 2 at 9 a.m. with primetime replay on ABS-CBN Sports + Action channel 23 at 7:30 p.m.


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