Seeing your favorite UAAP and NCAA athletes in togas will break your heart

Barry Viloria on Jun 08, 2016 08:07 PM
Seeing your favorite athletes in togas will break your heart
Whether they’re off to the pros or have spent all their playing years, each of these guys and girls will be truly missed. (Photo taken from Alyssa Valdez' Instagram account: @alyssa_valdez2)

In the collegiate sports arena, athletes come and go. From impressing us as rookies to all those years they’d be steering their teams to championships or runner-up finishes down to their final moments inside the Mall of Asia Arena or FilOil Flying V Centre, we all can say that each of these students has touched our hearts in more ways than one. But, no tears there unless you get to personally witness them teary-eyed while singing their school hymn for one last time, or, worse, once you see their graduation posts online.

And here we are, making it more of a struggle for you. Check out some of your favorite athletes’ graduation snaps, usually with longish, emotional captions that aren't helping you move on in any way. While you're happy for them finally breaking free and onto chasing their bigger dreams, we know there's still a selfish part in all of you who would want them to--as Lisa Loeb would say--stay.


I was literally writing a “graduation essay” that told my story from 2010 to now to act as a caption for this grad post. But I got 1,800 words into it and decided not to continue. I was thanking everyone from God, the universe, my family, the Pinoy Canadian Prospects basketball squad that got me out here, La Salle, the Altamirano family, UP, and everyone in between…but I guess I stopped writing cause I was scared I would forget someone. I have love for each and every person that has touched my life wether that was in a negative or positive way in my 5 years and 5 month diploma chase in the Philippines. Forgetting one of you or not acknowledging you to the best of my ability would be embarrassing on my end, as everyone has had a hand in what I have achieved. Today marked my last day as an undergrad. Finishing up with Ma’am Yvette and the practicum batch of 2015, I really do not know how to feel still. I really do not know what is next for me aside from flying home to be the best father possible to my son. I just know that I am extremely thankful for all of you. Lots of people graduate, I know. Lots of people graduate with honours, I get it. But to finally achieve mine and my parents’ goal… To graduate on a full ride scholarship WITH honours…I’ve been chasing this longer than you know. And after all of the trials and tribulations, to be able to confidently say, “I finally did it.” That’s something I want to celebrate for myself. Thank You. Thank you. Thank UP. Sincerely, Joseph Rey Aquino Gallarza University of the Philippines | 2011 - 2015 |

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1 week til graduation! 🎓

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Long overdue 🎓 #USTBatch2016

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Tnx Ateneo!

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AB Psychology Major #DownFromTheHill 🎓

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It's all said and done. It's been real, and it's been fun San Beda. And so the adventure begins... AMDGxUIOGD

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The long wait is over. See you tomorrow PICC. 🎓 #blessed #StudentAthlete #SiempreArriba #SiempreLetran #batch2016

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Now, if you’d excuse us... Sniff!


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