#WorkoutWednesday: 5 celeb-approved diet tricks to get you ripped

Barry Viloria on Jun 08, 2016 04:16 PM
#WorkoutWednesday: 5 celeb-approved tricks to get you ripped
Trust Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, and the rest about achieving those elusive abs. They would know… (Photo taken from Robi Domingo's Instagram account: @iamrobidomingo)

Consider (most) actors and performers reliable gurus when it comes to keeping fit. Believe them, they’ve been there, they know. In between their crammed schedules and lack of decent shuteye, you’d still spot them turning to hardcore workout sessions you yourself would ditch for, well, some beer and pulutan with the guys.

But as they say, those six-pack abs are not made at the gym but at the kitchen. Most of what keeps one strong and superior in fitness is indeed the diet. To help you with it, we ambushed some celebrity hunks who know better about the rules of achieving some cuts!


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Trick 1: Stay away from sweets.

Sugar is the villain and not fat or carbs, if you ask Sam Milby, a sweet tooth. He is so health-conscious he even went through a food intolerance, where the physician took a sample of his blood, examined it, and later declared the types of food he is bawal of. While he keeps it moderate on the carbs, he struggles in turning down sugary food—and drinks. “Mag-ingat ka talaga sa mga iniinom kasi if you work out, you drink this and that without realizing it’s worse for you,” he reveals. To make up for it, he relies on fruits, sweet potatoes, and wheat bread.”


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Trick 2: Lessen on the salt, too.

Another hurdle to that dream bod is salt, says Joseph Marco. So, if you want to achieve his runway-famous abs and cuts, “Less salt and sugar, or as much as possible, none of it.” How does he deal with usually flavorless food, then? “As much as possible, ikaw ang magluto nang sarili mo. At least may control ka sa condiments.”


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Trick 3: Learn to substitute.

While it’s important to cut on things that can get you unhealthy if consumed in excess, it’s also as helpful to find healthier alternatives. This is so much so if you’re swamped at work and eating less with all the stress won’t help, says Khalil Ramos. “I’d rather substitute my white rice with fiber-filled veggies and brown rice. Kasi I do a lot of work, pwede kang ma-injure. So, I still have to get my carbo load pero hindi ka na mag-extra rice,” he leaves as advice. “For protein, I eat a lot of chicken breast and eggs, I always snack on peanuts.”


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Trick 4: Go green.

The basic rules are still the best, like opting for the healthy, often-icky options. For Robi Domingo who says his body easily adjusts to stress such that “When I crave something I really pig out,” he relies to vegetables—and juicing.

Trick 5: Stay active.

Moderation and balance are the keywords in staying fit. Papa P is a living testament to this—the toned, billboard-perfect Piolo Pascual is not just into swimming, cycling, badminton, and running. He also does triathlon. That’s why if you ask him about the diet that best works for him, he’ll retort, “No diet at all.”


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