What Chris Tiu has learned about fatherhood so far

ABS-CBN Sports on Jun 21, 2016 12:33 AM
What Chris Tiu has learned about fatherhood so far
‘Making sacrifices,’ says the new dad. (Photo taken from Tiu's Instagram account: @chris_tiu17)

On June 5, celebrated basketball player Chris Tiu and his wife Clarisse Ong gave birth to their first child. The 30-year-old couldn’t contain his happiness then, evident on an Instagram post on his newborn daughter saying “No championship or accomplishment can compare to the overwhelming joy we felt when this little girl finally entered this world. I've never felt so happy that I was moved to tears.”

In the next days, Tiu followed it with another photo of his baby smiling, which he said made it “difficult” for him to “concentrate at work and you just want to go home right away!”

More than two weeks after, on Father’s Day, Tiu posted a photo of the complete family for the first time. But while this new dad is overjoyed with his new blessing, Tiu didn’t mince words about the encountering problems he hasn’t been in before.

Yes, he’s having some #DaddyProblems now.

“Just these past few days, I learned that being a father entails making sacrifices and adjustments,” he captioned.

Although, Tiu immediately countered this saying it’s all part of being a dad. And it’s going to be a day-to-day mission to fulfill from now on!

“However, these will never measure up to the feeling of euphoria, even just by watching her sleep and feed.”

Here’s the complete post if you’re curious:

While we only know little about being a dad (only our Volleyball Editor Mark Escarlote is a father on the ABS-CBN Sports team—we think), we’re pretty sure you’ll do fine, Chris! You can talk to us next when you need someone else to change your Amanda Claire's diapers, especially when you’re taking on a game! For now, belated Happy Father’s Day to you!

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