#TrendingTuesday: Passion for cars still ablaze for newly out car enthusiast Ian King

ABS-CBN Sports on Jul 05, 2016 11:17 PM
#TrendingTuesday: Passion for cars still ablaze for Ian King
This shocker of a story to some became a touching one to many. (Photo taken from King's Instagram account: @hailtothe_king)

Last weekend became pretty memorable for Ian Angelo King—for the car enthusiast and the man behind Car Porn Racing, a local business that supplies parts and services to sports cars in need of repair or enhancement, has recently come out as a trans woman.

Yep, you read that right. King—who is @hailtothe_king on Instagram; married to host, model, and TV personality Joey Mead; and a popular figure in the motoring world—just revealed herself as Angelina Mead King through another Instagram account: @hailtothe_queen_. The account documented the adventures of her alter ego, previously kept private but now made public.

King confirmed it herself on her original account with a post captioned:  “So much love and support I can't even believe how amazing everyone has been. It's hard to keep denying yourself your own truth so now this is me. Thank you so much everyone!” The hashtags? #betruebeyou, #loveislove, #transgender, #noh8, and #girlslikeus.

As what might be a shocker to some, it seems that King’s friends and family took the news with full support and a sense of acceptance. Such was evident in his succeeding posts.


True love and support is what everybody needs. I'm so blessed and happy to finally be real! ❤️💙💜

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King’s number one supporter? No one else but her wife, of course.


Freedom ..❤️

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See what we mean?


THIS IS LOVE!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ took a snap of these 2 people whose love for each other has amazed me through the years. Thank you for inspiring us with this kind of LOVE. 💜💙💜 I am also very happy for your new found freedom @hailtothe_queen_ 🦄 I am not surprised by the amount of love and support that people are giving you now. You are a good person and people love you no matter what gender you choose because you have always shown them (us) kindness and compassion. Traits which you got from your dad. I know that he's smiling in Heaven and he is so proud of and happy for you. 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽 Mad love and respect for you guys @hailtothe_king and @joeymeadking 💋💋 Mabuhay!!! 💥

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King is also managing the Victoria Court chain of hotels. Speaking of, photos of the hotel’s logo with a multicolored heart (deemed as a symbol of the LGBT community) were also released online to express support.


Much ❤️ to all! Thankyou 💋 JMK #loveislove

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All said and done, King is nowhere near stopping herself from continuing with her true passion: cars.

“I have been asked if I will stop building cars and those who know me know I'm just getting started! My love for cars is borderline addiction and driving them hard is my high… time to go back to the track!” she said in a recent Instagram post.


Missing the race track! Thank you to @redshoetouge for the photo. #mclaren #12c #carpornracing

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Congratulations on your freedom, Angelina! As you said, see you back on the track!

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