How to catch your crush’s eye by Rey Nambatac and Javee Mocon

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How to catch your crush’s eye by Nambatac and Mocon
Here are gwapo pointers from the NCAA’s two biggest heartthrobs.(Photo by Rxandy Capinpin for Chalk Magazine)

Ah, the life of a collegiate basketball player. When not training and shooting ball, you’re being on the news almost all the time, gaining a thousand likes with every Instagram post, getting retweeted with every word vomit online, receiving new shoes as a gift from sponsors. How hard could it be?

They all come as perks of living the college hoops star life. But would getting the girl prove as difficult a task as well? Not if you’re San Beda Red Lions’ Javee Mocon or Letran Knights’ Rey Nambatac. In their cover story printed in Chalk’s NCAA Issue, the two hard court heartthrobs revealed their tried-and-tested techniques in getting the girl. Here, we rank these moves from subtle to swabe to solid. Yes, this is for you who can only dream of being a sports sensation yet finding real human struggle when dealing with ladies.

You’re welcome.

Subtle: When you’re on a mission to make an impression.

“I show her my killer smile.” – Nambatac

“Act shy. Ha ha! People will think you’re mysterious!” – Mocon

Swabe: When you think there’s already chemistry between you whenever you bump into each other in the corridor.

“Mahiyain ako, pero pag nakausap ko na, nagpapa-cute na ako pero hindi halata. Pag nakasalubong mo yung crush mo, mapapansin ka na!” - Nambatac

“Wear your best smile everyday.” - Mocon

Solid: When your chat turns into conversations over coffee.

“Pag kaharap ko si crush, nag-bu-beautiful eyes ako!” - Nambatac

“Dress to impress. Wear nice clothes because these things can easily attract people. You need to always be at your best by doing the simple things. Grooming, getting a haircut, and maintaining facial hair are all important.” - Mocon

–Interview by Red Dimaandal for Chalk Magazine

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