Matteo Guidicelli taking on Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship ‘nervous but inspired’

Barry Viloria on Aug 07, 2016 03:11 AM
'Nervous, inspired' Guidicelli at Ironman Asia Pacific-Cebu
Will there be another hug from girlfriend Sarah Geronimo at the finish line this time? (Photo taken from Guidicelli's Instagram account: @mateoguidicelli)

In a matter of hours, the Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship swim-bike-run event commences here in Mactan, Cebu. Yet, Matteo Guidicelli, whom we’d like to call the poster boy of Philippine triathlon (also, because his face is literally on tarpaulins everywhere at Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa), is acting restless.

“We’ve had a bunch of press interviews scheduled although I have to start getting serious today,” says Guidicelli, 26, as if protesting, which we could only understand.

He says he needed some ample time to rest for a rather difficult tri-sport tournament. On the day before the main event, he woke up at 5 a.m. to catch his younger brother Paolo compete in the Ironkids division. He intends to retire at 8 in the evening for the race, “just closing the doors and have time for myself.” He and Paolo plus dad Luca and sister Giorga are all part of the tournament, which is the first edition held outside Australia and New Zealand.

This isn’t Guidicelli’s first time to take on a prestigious Ironman race, having been in competitive triathlon in the last five years. You may recall his winning moment last year with girlfriend, singer Sarah Geronimo welcoming her at the finish line—#relationshipgoals-kind-of-hug and all. The race, he was remembered most to be calling as “one of my worst races but my best finish” precisely because of the lack of preparation. It just worries him that it’s almost the same case this time.

“(I usually) to train three to six months before a race. For this race, I only had two weeks of training,” he explains, saying that the taping for his hit primetime show Dolce Amore inevitably got in the way because, well, it’s work.

“It’s not really a smart thing to do, so I’m starting to get nervous whenever people ask me about it,” he jokes.


Sweetness overload at the finish line! #cobraironman703

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And then, there’s also the weight factor. Currently, Guidicelli weighs at 160 lbs., but he says his ideal race weight is between at 145-150.

“I don’t diet for it. Now, my training’s not there, and I’m kinda heavy. I have to pace myself properly talaga and be careful. Before a race, my body automatically goes down to my ideal race weight. That happens during our training.”

Otherwise, Guidicelli still has his eyes on a Kenneth Cobonpue-designed medal on Sunday morning. And, who knos, the sun may just rise a little brighter for the celebrity-athlete who’s looking for a some say, inspiration?

“I have to be inspired ‘cause I’m very unfit!” he laughs.

“So, this is a mental race for me. I’m challenging myself and seeing what I can do, it’s a matter of pacing myself.”


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