Who to follow: Olympian heartthrobs Ning Zetao and Pita Nikolas Taufatofua

Barry Viloria on Aug 07, 2016 01:57 AM
Who to follow: Olympian heartthrobs Zetao and Taufatofua
The Internet is going crazy over these two modelesque athletes from China and Tonga—they’re actually Instagram sensations!(Photo taken from Taufatofua's Instagram account: @pita_tofua)

It’s Olympics season once again, and along the way, the storied multi-sport tournament becomes a show of the best athletes hailing from the countries participating. For the rest, it’s inevitable, it becomes a hot spot of the best—err—looking ones. (Yes, blame social media for going berserk every time a chiseled athlete hits the radar, becoming online sensations!)

As for the current Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the Internet has recently gone wild over two athletes—for reasons them female sports spectators and, well, bandwagon-ers can tell you as they punch on their smartphones to express their admiration. Mention good looks and a great body. In our research, these guys have actually amassed an impressive social media following even before the opening ceremony of the Olympics!

For the ladies’ (and the legit fans’) peace of mind, here’s some groundwork to get you starting on China’s Ning Zetao and Tonga’s Pita Nikolas Taufatofua!



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再发一张新照片,写:bey? NO!NO!NO!Welcome to PEKING!ha-ha-ha😜

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A photo posted by Zetao.Ning (@zetao.ning) on


Girls might want to download and then sign up on Weibo (a popular social media site in China) as it’s where this Chinese swimmer is most active when online. Before that six-pack that everyone only knows of him, the 23-year-old Zetong has actually the talent to boot. Zetao, who specializes in fresstyle, won the 2015 World Aquatics Championships 100-m, and four golds at the 2014 Asian Games! For all these, he’s been honored as “Best Male Athlete” at the Chinese Central Television Sports Personality of Year Award in 2014 and 2015!


Where is the Kingdom of Tonga? Many asked. It was quickly answered once Twitter instantly put the Polynesian monarchy on the map, with the Tonga taekwondo jin bearing their flag at the opening ceremony. It was an explosion of memes praising Taufatofua in his shirtless, sweaty, ta'ovala-wearing form. The third time’s actually a charm for this 32-year-old who failed to qualify in the past two Olympics. He is thus the first athlete from his country to compete in taekwondo.


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